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From: Rgiesey
I posted a short tribute(bowhunting success) to my friend Ron Pittsley a while back. On that note, his partner Mike Hoadley, his family and I decided to donate a predator bow to the auction/PnY banquet next week in Omaha. I decided to go at the last minute and called Ron’s partner and PnY. Thankfully Mike Hoadley and Merritt Compton are nothing like me as far as accomplishing things in a short period of time. If I would have began earlier maybe the bow would have been in the live auction and I’m sure Mike would’ve made something above and beyond to honor his friend. As it is the bow will be greyfuturewood with clear over grey limbs. 60” at 60#. The limbs can be traded out if that weight doesn’t work. This means a lot to me and am glad to raise money for pope and young in my friends name. Ron and I loved and collected bear bows and that’s the look Ron went for in designing the predator. In past testing Rons bows performed as well as any and I hope someone is interested in owning a top bow for a good cause. Thanks to bowsite and I hope I’m not out of the bounds of this forum. I look forward to seeing old and meeting some new friends next week in Omaha. Thanks! Randy Giesey

From: Buffalo1
Thanks for your kindness and generosity.

From: Ron Niziolek
Looking forward to it Randy.

Thank you so much Randy. Great tribute to Ron. Can't wait to see the bow. Ed F

Very nice! Looking forward to seeing it!

From: BigOk

From: Treeline
Thanks Randy!

Sounds like a great tribute. Would imagine Ron is smiling and happy with the donation.

Look forward to seeing you and catching up!

Good stuff! See you there


From: DGW
Thanks Randy, Ron made a great looking and shooting bow.

That’s awesome! Great tribute

What a wonderful gesture.

Good luck, Robb

From: Brotsky
Excellent gesture and tribute to your friend Randy. Looking forward to seeing it in a couple weeks. Thank you!

From: JSW
I think you are doing a wonderful thing for a great guy. I would be great if you could share some pictures of the bow before the banquet. There might be someone here who can't make it that would want to bid on the bow.

From: Shrewski
Wow I had no idea. Ron and Randy were members years ago of my home archery club. The walls of LOL are littered with pics of them with huge bear, deer, elk, caribou oh the caribou! It was always nice to see Ron at a show and visit. Randy tell Miles hello and sorry to all the family for all of our loss but especially theirs. Ron was a good man.

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