Dwight Schuh tribute tonight
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From: Bowfreak
Tonight on Sportsman's channel 10pm est.

Dwight was the best. I couldn't wait to get my Bowhunter magazine to read his and MR James' articles.

We lost a legend folks and it seems like that he was an even better person than a bowhunter. Looking forward to this tribute show tonight.

From: drycreek
Wish I could see it, but I don't get that channel. He was my favorite!

From: Hawkeye
Amen Mark. Thanks for posting this.

From: Tinner2216
DVR is set!! Thanks for posting.

wish I could get that channel the only thing I have available is the outdoor channel and for the most part, its not good

From: Jaquomo
What a great tribute! So glad I DVR'ed it so I can watch it a few more times. Well done, Bowhunter!

From: Bou'bound
it was very well done

Dwight will be missed by many. The show was excellent; like Lou I am sure I will watch it multiple times.


From: pav
Have the show recorded, but have not had a chance to watch yet. Thanks for the head's up!

From: Brotsky
Do you guys know if this will be available on youtube or something like that in the future? Would love to see it but don't have that channel.

From: TRnCO
I caught the show last night. Very well done and I enjoyed it a lot, just like I did every other time I caught a show with him in it.

From: Dale06
Saw it. Good show.

From: JPWP
Dwight was the best

From: Mt. man
Don't have the channel, darn!

From: elkster
Bowfreak, What was the name of the show with the tribute? I'm not finding it through my voice search.

From: Kurt
It was on "Bowhunter TV" in Canada on the Wild TV channel.

Very well done tribute to Dwight.

Hopefully there will be some way to watch it for others that don't have the channel. Anyone knows an avenue, please fill us in.

From: Will
Good to know... Sad though. His column was the reason I would buy BowHunter mag. Just seemed to be an amazing guy. I didnt realize he'd passed recently until seeing this. Very sad to see.

From: jdee
Good show, great hunter. I noticed Dwight was sometimes shooting left handed and sometimes shooting right handed. RIP.

From: Bowfreak
Seems to me he had a shoulder issue and he switched to left handed for a while.

His Arizona elk hunt showed his passion for bowhunting. Even though his body was giving up on him, he was still out there doing what he did. He was a special man.

Brotsky: I’m sure there will be a tribute to Dwight at the P&Y Convention.

From: Paul@thefort
Says something about be humble and proud. my best, Paul

From: Dino
Dwight was such an excellent writer. I loved his passion for the hunt. The Bowhunter TV tribute was excellent, in fact, I felt that it could have been an hour long...I didn't want the episode to end.

From: Shrewski
That was excellent. Loved the Dall Sheep stalk. Good guy, he is missed here for sure.

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