NV App: Am I missing something?
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IdyllwildArcher 07-Apr-19
Trial153 07-Apr-19
IdyllwildArcher 07-Apr-19
sticksender 07-Apr-19
The system is different this year. I don't see where I can buy the hunting license. Under licences, there's no option for a hunting license and when I do my app, it's letting me checkout without a hunting license...

From: Trial153
Make sure you didn't already purchase it, they slipped in an auto renew last year and if you didnt op out they automatically charged you this year for the license.

Hmm, it seems I already have a hunting license...

From: sticksender
They sent out an email on March 17th. After reading it I logged in and changed my preferences. Apparently while applying last year, you needed to intentionally opt-out of auto-renewal by unchecking a box. I didn't recall seeing that.



Our records indicate that you have opted in for the auto renewal of a Nevada Department of Wildlife product.

THANK YOU for your ongoing your support of Nevada’s Wildlife! Your NR Annual Hunt/Fish Combo license will be renewed on April 1. Your primary payment method, which is listed as the card ending in XXXX will be charged on April 1 to renew your license.

If you wish to update your auto renew preferences, verify your residency, or change your payment method, please log into your account at NDOWlicensing.com, and from your my account page, visit the Autorenew section.

For questions or assistance please call 855-542-6369. This is a system generated email, please do not reply to this email.

Thank you,

Nevada Department of Wildlife

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