Good news from Montana
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keepemsharp 22-Apr-19
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From: keepemsharp
Just read an article from Don Thomas, the Montana Bowhunters were successful heading off a thrust from the crossgun manufacturers. We fought it for years here in KS and lost.

From: TrapperKayak
The Last, Best Place!

Good deal!

From: Paul@thefort
Dave, that is great news. Don had contacted me a few months back to hear how the CBA defeated the xbow issue and their use during a regular bow hunting only season, here in Colorado. He had heard I had been the DOW/CBA Liaison a few years back. I sent him my testimony before the Commission and a few other articles of info. Glad it might have helped some to get their hand around the issue and move forward in a positive manner and with a positive outcome. my best, Paul

From: JTV
Good news .... they dont belong in archery seasons, put them in with the shoulder fired weapons ...

To hell with cross guns and those that cheat and use them! (Unless disabled of course)

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