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From: badguybuster
The Cape Buffalo thread got me pondering this. How much importance do you place on speed?

If you want a recurve with to Paul Schwartz at Black Ram Traditions. I have one of their Navarino models. Its 56 @ 28 (61 at my draw) and shoots an avg of 204 fps using a 700 grain set up (600 grain hard maple shafts and 100 grain Shwacker Razor fixed blade). Its the fastest recurve ive ever shot and its very smooth. Compare that to my non backed osage selfbow (no reflex) that draws 72 @ 30" BUT only averages 145 fps. (Ive killed A LOT of critters with it).

Is there a point of diminishing returns or is it really based on the target animal?

From: Linecutter
Speed helps you evaluate the efficiency of a bow design with a given weight arrow at a given draw length. You hunting dangerous game, you need penetration, you are shooting a 70# bow at a given draw length, using lets say a 800gr arrow as an example. Do you want a bow that shoots 142fps, or one that shoot 160 fps. You want the most returned energy for the amount of energy put it, or at least I do. The faster that 800gr arrow travels the deeper it will penetrate. Your bow Navarino BEATS my Assenheimer for speed by 25fps, using the roughly the same draw weight, sound like similar draw length, and the same arrow weight. With knowing that, if the difference would be roughly the same at 70#'s, hands down I would rather be hunting with your bow. The arrow out of your bow would penetrate deeper in an animal like a Cape Buffalo with a well tuned heavy arrow. Mine may do the job, but if mine may, I would have a little more confidence in yours knowing the speed difference, if given the choice. Just my opinion. DANNY

From: Buglmin
I've shot Pauls bows, very good shooting bow. He's always sending me pictures trying to buy one to shoot and use. Guess the ones I shot at 56 pounds at 29" wasnt that fast with my 460 grain carbon shafts. They are quick though, with an awesome grip.

From: Glunt@work
I've shot around 175-185 fps for 30+ years. With higher poundage or more efficient bows I still shoot that speed, just with a heavier arrow. Fits what I enjoy about bowhunting and keeps the freezer full enough.

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