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From: Tdvorak
What is the best advice you ever got about bow hunting? How old were you?

From: APauls
Read bowsite moose hunting threads lol. Sorry couldn’t resist.

From: Joey Ward
"Try this new gadget they've got out. It's called a Thermocell."

I think I was in my late 40's.

Man, that thing has made many a warm weather bow hunt in the swamps SO much more enjoyable.

From: KSflatlander
I started shooting a bow when I was 8-10 years old. 47 years old now.

Best advice for shooting: Follow through and you can trust your arrow will reach the target.

Best hunting advice: Hunt the wind. You can't kill'em from your bed.

From: Jeff Durnell
"You should make your own bow." I was in my late twenties. Changed everything.

From: Nick Muche
I'd have bet a shiny nickel that this was a willie thread and I'd have doubled my money!

From: Shawn
Pick a tiny spot, too many folks shoot at a "big" spot" and that causes problems. I was probably 7 or 8 when my Dad told me that. We were shooting .22 rifles at the time. Shawn

From: Jaquomo
Never, ever give up. The last fifteen minutes of rhe last day can be as good as any time in the hunt I've since killed a lot of animals on the last day of the hunt.

Next best advice was from my late wife: "Try out this deer hat and elk hat I made and see if they work".

From: Bowfreak
Don't tug on Superman's cape.

From: Jaquomo
"Never trust a fart" has been good bowhunting advice as I've grown older.....

From: Bloodtrail
Practice your draw, hold and release until it feels like a part of you. Every day. Repeatability. Best advice I ever picked up to make me a more consistent shot.

From: M.Pauls
That’s a good one Jaq, wish I would’ve heard it sooner in life. Another good one I’ve heard on here a few times is “don’t push a hidden agenda on the Bowsite, just pay the sponsorship fee so guys get off your back”

Always nock a arrow every time you stop and take a break. Also never ever try and out drink a man from Wisconsin !! Hunt

From: APauls
I was taught how to shoot, but bowhunting has been a self-taught subject, so I didn't really get any awesome advice that I can think of. But the wind thing is obviously importance #1, and as I was learning to bowhunt I remember literally laughing and pointing at the TV at guys who wouldn't hunt because the wind wasn't right. Watching the old Primetime Bucks VHS or whatever. Man I thought they were loco. Fast-forward and I remember 2 years ago waiting 13 days for a standard prevailing wind to get in a stand. Shot the deer I wanted that sit...

From: Busta'Ribs
Only hunt with outfitters that personally guide all their clients and always sit at least 3 feet behind the deer in your hero shots and they will look way bigger!

From: carcus
"Put a sight on that bow Son!"

From: Whocares
Never pee into the wind. Even more important as you get older.

From: Beartrack
The best scents to use is the one between your ears.

Slow down.

And an old guy told me one day... "My first step out of the truck is just as important and my last step back into it."

From: 12yards
Never try to cheat the wind. Stay downwind of where you think they will come.

From: Buffalo1
“Don’t rush your shot!”

From: timex
knee high rubber boots it's one of the only things 90% of professional whitetail hunters will agree on. early 80s when I figured it out

From: Slate
Was 43. Wait that’s not him.

From: badbull
Reading Dwight Shue info and listening to the experienced advice on Bowsite. Age would be ongoing.

From: buzz mc
It's probably not a single piece of advice, but all of BB's shot placement schematics over the years have taught me to aim straight up the leg and has resulted in a lot of dead animals with very short blood trails.

From: Single bevel
Buy the book "Bowhunting Rutting Whitetails" by Gene Wensel. That book changed how I think. From that point until now, everything else has been an evolving journey of learning and understanding. It also introduced me to Barry. Thanks Gene.


Then zip.

From: Shaft
Breath slow, stay calm, pick a spot, follow through.....dead deer.

From: Two Feathers
Aim small, pick a spot!

“If you want to hunt big alpine mule deer, hunt where a sheep hunter would.”

From: otcWill
Take a trip of a lifetime every year!

From: 1boonr
Only take advice from someone who actually is successful at what you want to do

Wash your ass. From a Wensel seminar

From: cnelk
Keep up or catch up

From: Marty
Pick your hunting partners wisely

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