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From: Scar Finga
Hey Bowsiters,

I have had several people show interest in taking the knife, but then say they don't want to damage it or lose it... So, I would like to put everyone at ease. If something happens to the knife or it gets damaged, lost, falls off a cliff or whatever, we will come up with a solution... It is not the knife itself that is really important, but the spirit of why we are taking it afield, same with the journal and the pen. I think that is all part of the adventure! PLEASE, Do Not be afraid to use the knife! If you are on a hunt and your wife, son, daughter, friend, guide, outfitter or dog make a kill or want to sign the journal or use the knife... please use the knife and have that person put an entry in the journal It's all good, acceptable and preferred!

Thanks and God Bless!

From: Treeline
Might have to see if K114 wants to go after a goat...

From: Scar Finga

Check the dates on the other post, if it's available and take it with you!

From: Whocares
Take it on the goat hunt, Tavis. And I'm waiting for the story!

From: Scar Finga

From: Ucsdryder
Every hunt is an adventure but it would be cool if some of these once in a lifetime hunts took the knife!

Or maybe priority to anybody willing to write up their hunt using the knife!

From: Treeline
That goat season is a long one so have some flexibility.

In on a lot of OIL hunts this year.

Will be setting hunting schedules after more of the results roll in.

Dragging lots of points for lots of species and never know what you might catch;-)

It would be an honor to be able to take K114 on one of my hunts if it fits with the schedule.

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