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From: Jethro
Meindl has opened up sales in the US. Website is I'm not associated with them, just wear their boots.

From: Teeton
Cool,, I love my Meindl's as they fit my feet the best. But was very limited in selections till now. ED

From: txhunter58
Just be sure you get the ones made in Germany. Not the ones made in Asia. My German made Denalis are great.

From: Jethro
I can't speak for the entire line, but the Comfort Fit, which is the equivalent to the old Cabelas Perfekt models, is made in Germany.

From: 320 bull
Great news. I am on my 3rd or 4th pair of the perfekt models and absolutely love them!

From: TLowell02
Best news ever! Although in all fairness, the Zamberlans I recently purchased for my freakishly wide feet fit almost as well as my old Perfekts.

From: jdee
I liked Meindl boots until I bought a pair of Lowa’s. One pair I had were great (Ibex) another pair (Denali) of Meindl’s I had for maybe 4 years we’re so dang stiff I ended up tossing them into the Good Will box......sore feet.

May have to order a pair of the comfort fit hikers. Wonder if these are the same as the Cabelas which always seemed to run a 1/2 size too big.

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