Best price on mountain house meals
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Teeton 07-Jun-19
From: Hessticles
Where are the best deals on mountain house?

From: Kurt
I don’t know if best but REI has 10% off if you buy 8 or more meals. I like the vacuum packs to save volume in my pack so buy them there as they have a decent selection in WA state.

From: Brotsky
Amazon, watch for sales. If you can find them for 25-30% off that's usually pretty solid. I think I paid around $6 per meal give or take last time I stocked up. I need to buy some more this summer for this fall.

From: Scrappy
Go to there website and get on there email list. They routinely send out sales of 20% off with free shipping.

From: Stoneman
I buy the multi meal cans on sale (best deal for your money). Prior to use, I divide into my preferred portion sizes using Zip Lock "zip 'n steam" bags. Get several of your favorite meals for variety. Put unused bags in the freezer until next time...

From: elkmtngear
X2 ^^^

From: WapitiBob
Best deals for me are local, Bimart. 20-30 off

From: huntnfish808
Every once in a while Costco carries them. That’s the best deal and they are also the best (most popular) menus and they are all the 2-3 serving size bags. You won’t see it often but if you do buy a couple boxes. Can’t remember the price but it beat anything I could find online.

From: Ermine
The big cans are probably the best bang for your buck

From: Ucsdryder
Costco by my house has them. Keeping an eye on them hoping they go on sale.

From: houndy65
Costco is fair priced when they have them in stock.

From: Shawn
They have 20% off on their site right now. All items on sale. This puts them in line with other places like Wally world and Costco. Shawn

From: Destroyer350
Sierra Trading Post always has them for a few dollars less than Cabelas or WalMart

From: SlipShot
CostCo,but you don't get to be choosey

From: Brotsky
If the biscuits and gravy isn't on sale I'd still pay full price. It's worth it! :-)

From: LKH
When I bought last year I was surprised how much difference there was if you bought a full box, generally 6.

From: Teeton
I'm with you Brotsky on the biscuits and gravy. I can eat that 6x on a 14 day hunt. Ed

From: Teeton

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Oh forgot I get most times from Nitro-Pak here's a link to them.

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