1.4 million NEW acres open to hunting
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From: Huntcell

Huntcell 's Link
Trump administration announces plan for expanded hunting, fishing access across 1.4 million protected acres

Now let’s get polar bears and other legally taken species importable to USA

From: Shiras42
Great news! Of course the haters that don't understand that hunting is conservation will cry wolf. I just always ask them "When was the last time that you contributed any money or time to the conservation of our public lands or wildlife?"

From: Treeline
Excellent! Now let’s get those National Monuments and Parks opened up!

From: Brotsky
+1 Treeline, stop paying sharpshooters to do what we'd pay to do!

Yep. It’d be a great win to get back into a lot of places that no longer allow hunting.

From: Jaquomo
All the so-called "conservation" groups that fought his nomination won't like this either..

From: Nick Muche
"Now let’s get polar bears and other legally taken species importable to USA " - - Let's go a step further and make it legal to hunt them in the US! Plenty of Polar Bears in Alaska and the revenue it would bring would certainly aid in the long term conservation of the species. Absolutely silly that we as white men/women cannot hunt them.


IdyllwildArcher's Link
It would take an act of Congress to make marine mammals huntable by non-Natives. Trump has no ability to act on this without Congress passing a bill because Congress passed a bill to ban it in the first place.

Trump 2020..

From: leftee
Fantastic.Kudos to the Prez!

From: RogBow
Good start.

From: Franklin
So after this makes it`s way through the court system we should be good to go about 2032....great!

From: Treeline
I would vote for DOn Jr. in 2020! But would take Sr. for another 4 first to get 16 years of keeping America Great! Might need to go that long to wait out RBG...

From: JTV
KAG 2020 .... Thanks to Mr. POTUS and Jr. ...


wildwilderness's Link
Here is a link to all the new areas to be opened


Almost all of them already allow hunting and have for years........they are simply bringing them on line with the state seasons and bag limits.....which is nice!

From: Dutch Oven
I'm very skeptical of anything (especially wildlife management) Trump has a hand in. While there might be some reason to open protected area to limited hunting, I'm afraid this administration leans toward development/leasing of public lands and needs to be watched carefully.

That comes as no surprise Dutch Oven. Because the POTUS has a record of doing so much of that. SMH.

From: Huntcell

From: trophyhill
Outfricking standing!

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