Looking for an Elk/Moose archery combo
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Woobie 10-Jun-19
Brotsky 10-Jun-19
WV Mountaineer 10-Jun-19
CPAhunter 10-Jun-19
georgemcg 10-Jun-19
From: Woobie
Hey all,

Just starting the research for a 2021 combo moose/elk hunt. Location is not that important, but it's looking like Canada is the only option?

Also, any outfitter recommendations/anecdotes etc... would be appreciated. We're open to drop camps, semi-guided, or maybe even fully guided.

From: Brotsky
I would try talking to Mike Ukrainetz. I think he offers that combo in Alberta, Bowsite sponsor.

Go North man. It ain't happening in the U.S. of A.

From: CPAhunter
Focus on one species. Additional game should be ancillary and considered a bonus.

From: georgemcg
Tuchodi River

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