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From: Bou'bound
I am looking for a recommendation for an excellent experienced taxidermist in the Northeast that does bear. My son got a nice bear recently and would like to do half or full mount. Much of the online information is laughable. If anyone has a great taxidermist that does bear well in CT, MA, NH, RI I would love a recommendation. Thanks

From: kakiat kid
True-Life Taxidermy is located in NY, not far from parts of CT. Bob Vitro and his staff did two bear (rugs) and 5 or 6 deer for me. He does a lot of African game and quite a bit of work for Jim Shockey.

From: Ace
A good buddy of mine is in Middlebury CT. Kevin Conroy. As far as I'm concerned he does the best work I have seen. On bears: He has done 2 rugs and a lifesized P&Y for my girlfriend and me, and he has another there now. Awesome on everything, I have had him do deer, fish, birds, and hides for me. And he always has some really nice African game in his shop. Great guy too. His number is 203-598-3184.

Happy to answer any questions you have.

From: leo17
True-Life taxidermy. Bob is the best. He's done all of my game. My Lion,Goat and countless bear and deer. Been using him forever.

From: kscowboy
Agreed on True-Life. Saw their bears at DSC and they do great work. Too far away for me to use but in your position, that would be my choice.

Dave Berger Wild Arts Taxidermy Berlin, Ct 1 (860) 828-9884

Dave is excellent at lions Bou and has done most of my mounts. Pretty close to you.

From: XbowfromNY
ACE -- I've also heard great things about Kevin's Taxiedermy in Middlebury, CT. He will get my next worthy deer. In the meantime, my Dad just dropped off a rainbow trout to him and said he is a very nice guy and his work in person looks great.

From: Smtn10PT
Is western PA NE enough? Marc Jordan at Jordans taxidermy does excellent work.

I know you are looking a little further north but Marcus Zimmerman in Pennsylvania would be worth the drive, he is a world champion taxidermist and does most of my work.

From: kevin3006
OP didn't include PA but if we're including western PA you can't beat Dennis Razza.

From: Buffalo1
Ck our some of the threads that Dennis Razza has posted on BS. Think you will find he is an extremely good artist/taxidermist and a stand-up individual.

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