Trump Opens Up New Lands
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From: Candor

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Not sure how significant this is but on the surface it looks good....

From: JSW
Day after day, this administration keeps doing great things for hunters and fisherman. I just can't help but think that Trump is the most hunter friendly President since TR.

From: Treeline
Too bad the media is so rabidly against this man. No matter what anyone thinks about President Trump, he has done more for America and the American people than any president for many, many years. Thank you President Trump!

From: Jaquomo

From: TD
Easy on the "t" word...... triggers some of the snowflake, um... persuasion..... don't MAKE them have to file a complaint.....

Crickets from the 'pubic land" crowd...... But, little surprise to those capable of thinking for themselves.

From: TD
And once again to those who don't think our hunting public lands, our very freedoms are tied in to the political..... good grief..... none so blind as those who REFUSE to see......

From: yooper89

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WV, they publicly applauded the move. Don’t let your disdain blind you.

From: Shuteye
It is a good thing our president's sons enjoy hunting and fishing.

I had to edit. No need to deflect the fact I was wrong.

No bender. Just pleasantly surprised and happy that I was wrong.

Yooper, before you fall victim to what you think, realize there is no disdain here. Only a wish by me that the BHA is what it claims. In this case, I was wrong and openly stated that. I’ll do better next time searching for a BHA news release before stating things. But, don’t think I feel disdain towards the BHA. I don’t. However, If the leader and founder wasn’t a political hack that often plays politics, I’d been a member long ago.

Lots of great people in the BHA.


From: Tilzbow
Great news but does anyone know if this requires congressional approval? If so house or senate or both?

Aren't we as hunters all part of the "public land crowd"? I sure hope so.

From: Heat
In Arizona this action will have minimal impact. I was hoping for a bit more here, but a change in the right direction nonetheless! YMMV!

A big change would be policy that opened all National monuments and national parks, that allowed hunting prior to becoming a special designation, to hunting once again.

From: Dale Hajas
They just cant say the "T" word lololol

From: Jaquomo
^^^^ this! LOL!


From: leftee
Yes,awesome indeed!

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