Bowhunter magazine tribute to D. Schuh
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From: lewis
Just read the tribute piece in this months Bowhunter very well done and very well deserve.A very nice man and a heck of a hunter.Lewis

From: Zackman
A true gentleman of our sport. He will be missed

Quite a man for sure! Great tribute by Curt and the guys at Bowhunter.

From: Dale06
I read it. He was a first class guy in all aspects of lift.

From: Buffalo1
Classy articles about a top shelf person.

From: midwest
Man, I bet I read just about everything he wrote all through my early years of bowhunting. He was one of my main inspirations to head west for elk and muleys. RIP Dwight.

From: Hawkeye
A truly great article.

He was inspiring and generous---one of Bowhunting's greatest ambassadors.

He will be missed.....

RIP Dwight:)

From: Dino
I've been looking for the magazine to read the article, if anyone spies one pls pm me; I'd like to purchase a few copies of this issue. Dwight was one of my favorite authors.

From: Trial153
Very well done, enjoyed all the articles.

From: Will
Was sad when he passed... His approach to sharing "our" sport with the world was amazing. He is missed!

From: Jaquomo
The Bowhunter TV film tribute was outstanding too.

From: Whocares
Tribute to him in latest issue of Bugle also.

From: Bowboy
I met him in the 1997 in Yakima WA at a sport show. I bought his hunting mule deer book. He even signed it. Great guy!

Bowhunter magazine did an awesome job pay tribute. Chuck Adams also did an article in Bugle July issue about Dwight.

He was one of the guys I followed and read his articles. I learned a lot from him in his writings.

From: Kurt
A great guy and friend. As so many of us have noted.

From: Barty1970
I have yet to read the so rightly-deserved tributes, but we would have hearts of flint and eyes of glass not to feel very moved or shed tears when remembering all that Dwight Schuh did for bowhunting and for sharing his very considerable experience with all of us. God rest him and good hunting for the next life.

From: 12yards
Same as midwest. In my early bowhunting years I devoured his writing, reading his articles multiple times. Will be on the lookout for this issue.

From: South Farm
Saw Dwight at the SCI show in of the best seminar speakers I ever saw...captivated the entire audience with reflections of his many Alaskan hunts and shared a wealth of information on how to do it on you own before DIY was the rage it is now. Hell of a writer too, Bowhunter mag just ain't the same without him.

From: Mt. man

From: Aces11
Read them all as well. Great tribute.

From: YZF-88
I read a chapter in his Hunting Open Country Mule Deer book last night. Good stuff.

From: drycreek
I just finished reading mine today. He was, by all accounts, a helluva guy. He certainly gave me lots of enjoyment through the years.

From: Owl
Dwight is a favorite. We should all lament and seek to remedy the scarcity of his kind.

From: Beav
He was a very humble man and did so much for our sport! Loved reading his articles because he always found a way to express in words the appreciation of the entire hunt and experience and not just the kill.

From: Scar Finga
The man was all class, de is missed by all who knew him, either through his writings or being his friend!

RIP Brother!

From: GregE
ELK FEVER was my first exposure to Dwight and Larry D. Even with the 'filler silliness' with the pine cone in the boot it was the standard I judged other ELK videos against.

Dave Doran was in Dwight's Hunting Open Country Mule Deer book and video. A friend too soon gone.


From: Mark Watkins
#Legendary gentleman bowhunter!


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