July Bowhunter Mag - Dwight Schuh
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IdyllwildArcher 22-Jun-19
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What an incredible edition with some great stories and tear-jerking articles.

Dwight Schuh was definitely the most genuine and humble bowhunter I ever met. The words that come from the hunters who knew him best were moving.

I usually leave my Bowhunter Magazines that I've read at the barber shop or the lobby of the hospital I work in. I'll be keeping this one.

Need to find one...

From: Dino
If someone finds a couple pls buy and I will reimburse you!

From: Bou'bound
Authentic seems to be the consistent theme. Lost a good one in Dwight

From: GregE
Haven't found a copy yet.......

From: Boreal
Great tribute to a great man.

From: Old School
Somehow in my busyness my subscription expired. Went to a local Barnes and Noble and got a copy.

Great tribute to a great man. The world needs more Dwight Schuhs.


From: WI Shedhead
I’ve saved a lot of his articles and have the life lessons ones framed in my shop. I gave them to my 3 kids and they have some posted at thier desks. We lost a good one. RIP Dwight

From: SaltyB
For years I've been telling my wife how great Dwight was.. This issue of bowhunter came and I noticed her reading it. Soon after she finished reading it, cover-to-cover I might add, she came up to me and said "I understand his greatness in your eyes now." I hope to one day emulate half of the things that he did with half of the honor that he did them with. Truly a hero of mine for as long as I can remember.

From: Florida Mike
Dwight had a great testimony, from what I've heard and read I regret not being his friend. Can't say that about many folks. FM

From: CurveBow
I have followed Dwight over the years, but never had the pleasure of meeting him. I have his books and plan to read them again. The issue of Bowhunter was an awesome tribute to a great, humble, God loving man.

RIP Dwight..... >>>>-------->

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