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Ursman 06-Jul-19
JTreeman 06-Jul-19
Bowfreak 06-Jul-19
Dino 06-Jul-19
Dollar 06-Jul-19
From: Ursman
Anyone have used this blind? Opinions please.

From: JTreeman
I hunted out of a couple in WY a couple years ago. Seemed very nice and well built. I actually went to buy one this spring, they have a x% off (don’t remember exactly) sale on their site, when I went to check out the discount said expired. That just made me mad so I didn’t persue it further.

On a separate note I bought a couple “surround view” type blinds instead. Both were about the same $ as the Xenex. I Got both a double bull and a summit. I think they may be a game changer for blind hunting for me! I slightly prefer the double bull, but both have plus and minus.


From: Bowfreak
Wish the made a surround view with one panel that is see thru and the same size as their bigger hub blinds like my Matrix 360.

From: Dino
I prefer the xenek over the db360. The xenek takes a little practise to set up, but I feel that it's more bowhunter and shot friendly. I love the soft side pliable shooting fabric...and there's lots of clips to adjust the fabric for clearer shots.

From: Dollar

Dollar's embedded Photo
Dollar's embedded Photo
I've had them since they came out and have five of them.I love them and like said before deploy and takedown is a little awkward but after you practice its no problem.Backpack is great and overall function is great.Hubs are threaded for whatever and they have a support rod for roof now.So far they are very durable also. Now for the bad news Fabric is great but it limits your hearing ability inside the blind some.You really need to pay attention to now the direction sound came from.

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