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From: Kevin Dill
Sometimes life doesn’t work the way you hope it will. As much as I enjoy being in the woods, bowhunting, spending time in the far north, and nourishing my soul....I’m struggling to keep up with the basic things around the house, like yard work and general cleaning. Something needs to change. I’ve given it a lot of thought over the past months, and so sadly I’ve decided to put the following stuff up for sale.

Take a look at the list and see if anything is of interest. I’d appreciate it if you’d avoid the lowball offers, as most of this stuff is in great or almost unused condition.

Vacuum cleaner

Push lawnmower....used once and put away.

Broom and dust pan. (Will not separate.)

Laundry basket

Tide pods....never opened

Selection of sponges and scrub brushes

Half bottle of Windex

Washer & Dryer: local pickup only, but will consider trades for Loggy Bayou or TSS Quadraflex stuff.

Thank you.

From: gunnar
I’ll send you 50 bucks if you’ll just donate all of it!

From: t-roy
What flavor are the Tide Pods?

From: Whocares
I don't need the dustpan. Would you reconsider?

From: Scar Finga
I could use the windex!!! Would you take a used scalpel blade in trade??? It was only use once to gut a Muley!!

Good thing you aren’t selling the snow blower, as I would buy it for my wife. HA!!

Nice click bait Kevin.

From: dirtclod Az.
Put in the yard for free!Wife will bring it back in!

From: txhunter58
Hahaha. You had me going

From: JTV
Got any used Kleenex ?? .... ;0( ...... those in Rio Linda could use it

From: 12yards

From: Ambush
You may be exaggerating the “much sorrow” line a bit trying for the sympathy sales.

From: trublucolo
lmao t-roy

From: JohnMC
Do you have a picture of the laundry basket?

From: DL
Probably has some recycled toilet paper for sale

From: arky
Lmao that’s too funny!!

From: Highlife
Come on guys let's show some compassion. I'm trying to unload a couple of loggy bayou stands. My wife could use that stuff. Hopefully she'd know what to do with it lol

From: midwest
haha....good one!

From: Paul@thefort
Kevin, I recently had an old snow mobile sled, a dozen old mallard duck decoys and a very heave logging chain. I made up a sign, ie, 'FREE, TAKE THESE HOME, and placed it on the road with the stuff. All gone within the day. Hey! can't hurt and when it was gone, the sorrow was also gone. Paul

Hahahaha. Well done sir

From: elkster
Had me going for a second or two... Thanks for the laugh.

From: SBH
I thought someone died. Glad this is what it was.

From: buzz mc
I'd like to add that I've got a leaf blower, rake, weed eater, and wheel barrow. These seem to be the items that interfere with hunting season the most for me.

From: Bowboy
He's just trying to make money for his next moose hunt in AK.

From: beemann
Thank you Kevin Dill you have made my day. Nothing like a little laughter to start the day.

From: PeteJ_Duluth

From: Ambush
"Buck up!"

Says the man hiding behind a fake identity. lol

From: kokosing
I got a brand new broom never used will you take it in on a trade?

From: midwest
I put an old lawnmower out to the curb with a "FREE" sign on it and it sat there for a week. So I put a "$100" sign on it and it was gone the next morning.

From: Loghouse
I have a TSS Quadraflex bow R.H. I'll trade you for the dryer. I need the tub to make a fire pit.


From: Surfbow
If you get rid of the washer and dryer, how are you going to clean your hunting clothes?!

From: Sapcut
That is good. What attorney do I need to contact in order to use this?

From: ESP
Kevin we both live in SE Ohio. Trust me just place items at the edge of your driveway and the road before you go to bed. When you wake up it will be gone.

From: APauls
That cracked me up, especially when t-Roy asked what flavour on the tide pods!

From: Shoe
Maybe I will start to clean up some things in my life as well, I’ll trade you half a bottle of whiskey for your half a bottle of windex....

I too was in such despair 5 years ago that I had to get rid of all my lawn care tools, machines and products. I feel better now though.


From: South Farm
What flavor are the Tide Pods?!?!?

From: slade
Great post......

From: Bake
Funny stuff. I feel like the Bowsite community "gets" me :) My family think I'm nuts, but I do have them trained not to schedule anything in September or November :)

From: Rut Nut
LOL! Didn't see this one coming........................................... ;-)

From: Carcajou
Looking for any TRADES???

From: TxHuntr
This is why i check Bowsite daily!!! Thanks Kevin

From: Shiras42
Made my day! Thanks for the laugh...I too might think about selling those things to pay for my moose hunt this fall.

From: Slate

From: MarkU
Kevin, Kevin, Kevin.

I can give you a reference for a good therapist . Sometimes you just have to seek a little help.

From: drycreek
I could use that push lawnmower, I saw my wife sit down for a couple hours today. She coulda been mowing.......

From: Shawn
WTF!! LMFAO!! Shawn

I am glad everything is okay. I thought maybe something happened and you weren't going to take us hunting with you anymore :)

From: Kevin Dill
Gents....thank you. My wife and daughter caught wind of this and intervened. Their love and concern helped convince me to not sell the items I had listed. I didn't quite realize the sentimental value of our old wicker laundry basket and dented clothes dryer. I admitted to being pretty insensitive and apologized. Everything is fine and my wife is happy for me.

Anyway, I'd like to hang around and express my appreciation but the dog needs a bath and I've got some tile to re-grout. It's all good.

From: scentman
I may graciously wire you the sum of $50,000 for all items listed... but most gracious Mr. Dill I must ask of you to give me little information so I may forward money to you account... :o)

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