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From: Salagi
I know it's been said before, and I'm not thinking of any particular post of late, but we need to be careful what we say/post. I'm in Indianapolis this week scoring research papers for FFA Agriscience projects. On of the last papers I read today listed a post from this site as one of their references. They were doing a project on arrow speed versus the speed of sound and animal reaction time so I am sure it was not a controversial one but it did remind me that we do have kids checking us out. I'm glad when it's a positive influence.

From: cnelk
Anyone that reads Bowsite regularly should be a well rounded individual and should do well in life.

If we limit our life experiences here we are just sheltering others and that doesn’t do anyone any good.

string jumping has seen a lot of controversy over the years....

From: APauls
But if someone is using forum information as a reference for research they need to be taught how to do research. While forum information may point you in the right direction and may even be 100% factual it is in no way usable as a reference for research.

IMO it’s also never too early to teach kids to think critically and where to get their information from. There are areas that are opinions, and then there is methodical science.

But I’ll give the kid this - he knew enough not to use archery talk ;)

From: Salagi
We teach them now to research all over for their sources and then use critical thinking to weed it out. APA has a proper way to reference material from almost any source including forums. This kid had several references he had cited.

One of the things we were supposed to look for among the references were ones from "significant, published and relevant sources." To be honest, this rules out most of the dot com's. ;)

From: JL

JL's Link
That sounds like the Field and Stream link I posted the other day in the "Please STOP with the 100 yard+ kill phot" thread. Yes??? A lot of good info in that link.

When I went thru some various leadership classes in the CG, proper writing of press releases was taught and we had to use the Associated Press (AP) guidelines.

From: GF
Stop and think..... how many people can hit a clay pigeon with a scoped .22 shooting 100 yards off-hand?

I’m not saying that nobody can, but I used to be able to hold into 8” at 100 yards up in Laramie, and all the guys at the Rifle Club knew my name without me introducing myself. This at a range where any Legit Rifleman would be horrified by a 1.5” group from the Bench....

But do the math: a 100-yard bow-shot with a super-fast compound is a 1000 yard shot with an Uber-Mag Rifle and a whole lot more deceleration due to drag thrown in. Even with an absolutely perfect rangefinder reading, you’d be taking one hell of a stupid gamble.

A VERY FEW.... CAN. The overwhelming majority CANNOT.

And JMO.....If you Think you’re among those who Can.... you’re mistaken.

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