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From: elkstabber

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Here is a headline that most of you won't see. The nation all knows about the Virginia Beach city employee who gunned down a bunch of his co-workers.

But what most of the nation won't hear about is this recent news. Late Wednesday night in Virginia Beach a gun was used to defend the defenseless. The shooter was defending himself and others according to the story.

We don't know who the shooter was, as his identity wasn't revealed but keep in mind that nearby Norfolk is home to the world's largest Navy base. There is a great chance that the shooter was either an active military member or retired.

EDIT: This is the top story in the Virginian-Pilot, in Norfolk, which is the largest paper (circulation) in Virginia outside of Washington DC.

From: JTV
This was on Foxnews moments ago ........ " A good guy with a guy" ....

From: Scrappy
Nobody's gonna point a gun at me and get away with it."

Exactly the way it should happen. Crime would go way down if there was more instant repercussions for committing crimes.

From: Inshart
Bang, Bang, Bang, maybe some of these guys's buddies who were seeing how easy it was to put a gun in-someones-face, take what they want, and then just go back to their place, high five and laugh as they light up another bowl will think twice.

Sure hope the shooter doesn't get charged.

Let’s hope the bystander doesn’t get charged and the thugs go back to their wholes and spread the word we aren’t the only ones with guns out at 2 am. Good on the weapon bearer!

From: RK
I hope he does not get charged also. He should not have said what he did

From: Snag
The bystander is a hero. He should be thanked by the whole community. Unfortunately in some states a civil case can be brought to court against him. I have heard it costs $10,000 per bullet you shoot. But then what is a life worth?!

From: Scar Finga
"Let’s hope the bystander doesn’t get charged"

Let hope he gets a medal and the key to the city!!!

Scary stuff, I am glad the good guys won this one! So far anyway, if he gets charged, it will be a travesty of justice!

From: APauls
Well he may not get a medal, but he might get a steak. Too bad he has to live with having a killed a guy. I don't doubt he'll be wrestling with that at some point if he hasn't already. All because some d-bag decides he should take what is not his and threaten lives in the process.

From: Heat
Bad things happen when good men do nothing! Good for him.

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