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Where the direction of my life would've taken me had I never found Bowsite? Now, I don't want things to change, mind you. I like where I am in life and I also like the MANY great folks I've met here... I've met some in person and some just words spoken via threads and PMs. I truly enjoy the camaraderie, the knowledge base and genuine good people here. Occasionally my phone will blow up and 1-5 guys that I've met here will have started a mass text and it can go for hours, sometimes days. Generally, it's about hunting. At times it's a BS session about life or another topic. I really enjoy the friendships made and the great people here. So, with that said... THANKS, Pat, for making the best BOW site on the net.

Another thing... as it is getting closer to hunt time for many out West, I thoroughly enjoy the stories and photos some of these killers on here put together. Looking forward to that! Best of luck to everyone and continued successes!

From: boothill
Have an ongoing group text with 3 other bowsiters that covers all facets of life. Met them by way of bowsite and then hunting trips together. There are 2 of these characters in the eastern time zone. They would start texting before the wife gets out of bed and she tells me, your boys are awake now. Not sure where we would all be without this site. Thanks Pat!!

From: deerslayer
Yeah man, my Facebook friends list is filling with BS guys. I think my wife sometimes thinks I'm nuts. Lots of great dudes here on the BS.

From: Jaquomo
Amen, Rick. Me too!

From: Ace
Rick, if there was no Bowsite you'd be doing nothing but feeling dejected and depressed and wishing you lived in CT because of all the great hunting you'd heard about but never got to experience via the Live Hunts.

You really do owe Pat a big thank you! A bunch of you guys do ... just imagine if you never knew what all these CT guys wore for boots while hunting.

As for me, if there was no Bowsite, I would probably never know just how much the hunting here sucks compared to where the rest of you guys live ... I can only imagine having all those 170" deer and 330" elk running around in my backyard.

Seriously though, a lot of really good guys on this site, (and a few real clowns). Thanks Pat!

From: smarba
Without Bowsite you'd be blissfully unaware: no manscaping, no cold showers...

From: yooper89
Bowsite really helped me dive back into archery when I moved out to colorado after college 7 years ago. Not every thread piques my interest, but there are a lot of folks on here that have in one way or helped shape my life the way it is today.

From: Buskill
I’ve got a lot of good info here over the last several years .

From: trublucolo
Ditto Buskill.

From: Will
It's a fun site. Definitely appreciate it and have had fun here since 05~ when I first found it and got "involved". Definitely have met some good folks and made some "friends" (only in quotes because many I've never met in person). My wife does think it's funny that I'm "meeting guys online" though... Ha ha ha ha!!!

Carl... lol, manscaping! About time for one of those threads to surface. Ha!

From: pav
Began bowhunting multiple states back in my late 20's....for whitetails and turkey. Pre-Bowsite, western big game was nothing more than a blip on the radar. Bowsite is 100% responsible for kick starting and fueling the desire to hunt the West (and North). Sure met alot of great people on this site! Learned alot here!

I was 40 years old before ever setting foot in the Rocky Mountains. In the 17 years since, I've been fortunate to bowhunt Colorado seven times (elk, bighorn sheep, mule deer), Wyoming twice (Shiras moose, elk, antelope, mule deer), Alaska twice (caribou), Utah (elk), Montana (elk). Headed back to Alaska two weeks from today for coastal black bear and will follow that hunt up with my second trip to Utah....this time for mule deer.

Just an average Joe with average means....but learned right here on Bowsite....where there is a will, there is definitely a way!

It's been self rewarding for sure helping many out on intel over the years via our Bowsite Family.

Good luck, Robb

From: midwest
There's no better place to meet like-minded bowhunters. Have met and hunted with several. Had a blast and made life long memories on every hunt. Some really good guys on here.

Ditto. Some great guys here.

From: Elite 1
Very addicting site fun to follow can’t get enough.

From: Inshart
Boothill, BWAHAAAA. If my wife ever rolled over and said, "your boys are awake now" that would mean only one thing - " a big smile on my face".

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