Best pop up blind ???
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Wildman 05-Aug-19
Dale06 05-Aug-19
ahunter76 05-Aug-19
Treeline 05-Aug-19
stagetek 05-Aug-19
From: Wildman
Looking into purchasing a pop up blind that's collapsible. Would be used for a hike in area set up an then take back out. Nothing permanent. Curious if anyone here has advice on something that's quick to put up an take down. Not really interested in a "ghost blind" may be snowing or raining or I may just want to take an afternoon nap.

From: Dale06
There isn’t a best one. I’ve used double bull for more than 15 years. They have worked very well for deer and turkeys.

From: ahunter76
Like said-no best. I've used $100 ones & Double bulls. I've been using the $100 several years now as the bull didn't fair any better than the other less expensive ones. Get one tall enough & large floor measurement + slotted windows (my preference)

From: Treeline
The expensive ones blow away and get shredded on barbed wire and stolen just like the cheap ones. There are some cheap ones that function better with respect to the window operations and zippers though. I do like the surround view type. Like ahunter says, get one tall enough.

From: stagetek
In my opinion DB still makes one of the best. The double wide entry is great. The height at 70" is plenty, and their window system is the best I've used. I know nothing about the surround view blinds they offer, never tried one.

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