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Aces11 09-Aug-19
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Brun 10-Aug-19
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Aces11 10-Aug-19
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From: Aces11
Headed to central Idaho elk hunting in September. I have been told it’s fairly open area. We plan to hike back in and camp for 3-4 days at a time. Debating if 10X42 Swarovski SLC and a tripod will be enough or should I also plan on bringing the spotting scope? Thinking at this point leave the spotter and save weight.

From: Ucsdryder
Elk are easy to spot with the naked eye from 1-2 miles. Bulls can be seen with binoculars at similar distances. If you’re shooting any bull there’s no way I’d carry a spotter.

From: Brun
I wouldn't bring a spotting scope on a backpack hunt. I only bring my 10x42 Swarovski's and leave the tripod. Unless it's a trophy hunt where you are going to be really picky I don't think it's worth the weight, but I'm old. Some of the younger guys may look at it differently

From: Franklin
Elk hunting really isn`t a "sit on your rear and glass" for hours hunt. Just bring the binos, more than adequate.....especially the ones you have.

From: Aces11
Sweet! Less weight sounds great to me! Thanks for the input everyone.

From: Mule Power
I have to have a really good reason to carry a spotter. Like being in an area that I’ve been in before where I know for sure I’ll use it every day and I’ll be seeing elk at distances too far to even tell if it’s a bull or cow with my 10x42 Swaros. The other reason I might carry it is if I knew for sure I was looking for a certain caliber of bull such as 6 points only.

If you can’t say yes to these two things then leave the ball and chain at home. Or bring it but leave it in the truck while you do the first 3 days and when you come back to base camp to regroup grab it if you decide you need it.

A backpack is good enough to steady binos. No spotter/no tripod. Good luck man!!!

From: Kurt
Bring the Binoculars and 3 sections (3 ounces) of a Thermarest Z-lite pad to sit on glassing. Also handy around the backpack camp for sitting, getting dressed climbing into the tent etc. Good luck!

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