Tred Barta passes
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From: Dale Hajas
Got a note on my FB account of Treds passing from a vehicle accident in Canada. No link to share as of yet.

From: Jasper
Just saw it too. Prayers for the family!

From: yooper89
Too bad. He was living out his dream on his terms.

From: bigswivle
That sucks. Guy made the best of his situation regardless of how you felt about him. Prayers to his family

From: nvgoat
That was one guy who lived his life his way. Tough dude.

He always cracked me up.

From: copperman
RIP Tred I always admired your spirit

From: elkmtngear
Went out his way, giving it everything he had till the end. RIP, Tred!

From: bow-hnt
Tragic, I really enjoyed his love for the outdoors! Rest In Peace, prayers for the family.

From: Chuckster
RIP Tred, loved his passion. A little too intense at times but I think he was a good man.

From: itshot

his recent postings sounded lost and sad, we're all pretty tough until we're not

may he Rest in Peace

From: buci 313
RIP Tred

Prayers for the Barta, family

From: Hawkeye
May he RIP. Prayers sent.

From: Scar Finga
Prayers for all, a tragic loss! I always enjoyed him!

From: Scrappy
May he RIP, A man who truly lived life his way.

From: Meat Grinder
Rest in Peace, Sir!

From: Pyrannah

Really liked him and his perseverance....

Wish I would have followed more

From: Buffalo1
I always admired his grit and moxie. Prayers to his family.

From: Woods Walker
Godspeed Tred, you were one of a kind.

From: Franklin
Crazy to think he died in a car accident....what more can you ask from a man. He will be missed....Last of the Mohicans.

that guy sure could fish,,,, will pray for him and family,,,, now he is up in heaven, tell St Peter, how to do things the Barta way,,,,, nice man,,,,, he was great

From: Fields
Damn.. I always got a kick out of him... Love him or hate him, he did things his way.... LOL. His brown bear hunt will be one of my top 3 hunting shows of all time...


From: Chief 419
Always enjoyed his adventures. Great fisherman and advocate for hunting. RIP Tred.

From: Ucsdryder
Never was a fan of his antics but for whatever reason I had a lot of respect for him. Sad to hear, he got dealt some tough cards.

After all he's been thru a damn car wreck????


Prayers sent,


From: Grey Ghost
I'm reminded of Hunter S. Thompson's words:

“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming "Wow! What a Ride!”

RIP, Tred.


From: Huntcell
Would be interesting to know the details. Was he alone, was another vehicle involved, were others injured., did he die from a medical reason before the crash. His last Facebook postings don’t paint a pretty picture of his mental state. Frustrated depressed lost and lonely, RIP

From: huntperch

From: Vonfoust
RIP Tred. That's one dude I wish I had met.

From: Treeline
Would run into him on occasion in Eagle County. He really had a tough go of it with all the health issues. Rest In Peace.

From: elkstabber
Before becoming well known as a longbow hunter on TV he was a pioneer in big game saltwater fishing. The knowledge that he shared of gulf stream swirls, marlin outrigger tactics, and big fish/light line techniques were unprecedented.

I think Grey Ghost got it right (quote from Hunter S. Thompson). I can only imagine that Tred's biggest fear would have been dying in a nursing home. He accomplished that goal.

From: olebuck
RIP Mr. Barta - You were one of a kind!

From: wilbur
From FB

Tred Barta 16 hrs · This is Travis H. Brown, the admin and agent of Captain Tred Barta’s Facebook account. Many are now learning about his passing in an automotive accident in Canada. Until we have further details to share as directed from his family, we are not commenting further.

From: SBH
RIP and my prayers to his family

Reading through Tred’s FB pages, he really did everything possible to maintain his outdoor lifestyle while his body was failing him.

May he now Rest In Peace.

From: Paul@thefort
He surely did it the Barta way. God bless.

From: Bou'bound
his last facebook post...........

The Barta get off the couch expedition. I know it’s been along time since I’ve last posted and that’s because I’ve been thinking whether or not it’s best for those I inspired to hear the truth it’s been a hard decision. ,I’ve decided to go with 100% truthful rendition. When I left Beaufort in North Carolina I set out for Alaska with my gun dog pepperAnd the goal, To prove to myself that the rut of self-pity and unhappiness could be overcome and that to prove to others in my same condition or worse that all you have to do is get off the couch and start living again, I brought my Bible and a study book, fishing rods, a crossbow, a 270 caliber custom rifle, and a Bonelli 20 gauge shotgun.

As I proceeded on the trip as God is my witness I truly feel the Lord looked after me ‘ I had many life-threatening incidences I came out on top every time ‘I’ve traveled all through Alaska over the last 4 1/2 months, I fell in love with Valdez, I fell in love with Seward availability for long-term housing is zero, the prices are ridiculous and going through the roof and there is absolutely no way I can live in either place, it is not only discouraging it is very disheartening.The winters in both places are brutal and no place for a man in a wheelchair by himself.

I now find myself and for some reason the terrifying reality I have no home, I have nowhere to go, and I find myself thousands of miles from somewhere. As I become closer to my savior I realize how many faults I have sometime it seems that the Lord will have a full-time job forgiving me.The other day the key lock in my truck would not turn, no reason, no explanation it was a hot day and I was stuck, along comes a motorcycle and pulls in ,when the man takes his helmet off it is a gentleman that I spent three days helping him in ValdeseGet his motorcycle of Thompson pass ,this incident took place in Homer some 300 miles away a month later .

Many might say this is just a coincidence I believe otherwise. I very soon will head back to the lower 48 I proveen my point to myself and others who are afflicted that the seemingly impossible can be done. This is my dilemma I’m sure Many will make fun of it .I often think even though my life has been dedicated to helping others I am being punished for my faults in life. So everyone where do I go, where is home I just can’t keep driving in large circles. They say that home is where the heart is and in my case you Hall know I’m searching for a companion ,I certainly have pepper but it’s not enough. I’m looking for a small town, that has good deer hunting and hunting opportunities as well as some good fishing, a place that Has conservative principles and a church that is lively and has a great fellowship my last church couldn’t even say goodbye which remains the scar I carry for long time.

I felt a sense of home in northern Michigan Especially in the UP. I liked parts of Arkansas I could be anywhere but I would like it to be a small town with a strong church. It would be nice to know that I would have just one friend in the place I moved to. They say a life if you have five truly good friends you’re a wealthy man three of my best friends have passed away another committed suicide lesson two weeks ago. Perhaps in my case I should say it’s good to have at least known five good friends. For the first time in my life I don’t know where to turn, where is home?

As funny as it sounds if anyone has some suggestions of places I should look at I appreciate it, make no doubt about it I’ve had the trip of a lifetime I’ve seen and done things that I should Not have been able to go accomplish and yet I’ve done it, I recently came out of the hospital they wanted me to spend a month there Or more I made a calculated decision not to. I don’t want to live near a big city I want to find a small town. For the first time in my life I’m at a loss for what to do with where to go. I am not whining and I’m not asking for your sympathy it’s just the truth.

Tred Barta‘s compass is not working. I’m lost

From: lewis
One hell of a fisherman RIP Ted hope the wind is at your back and the seas are calm Lewis

From: Whocares
I met him maybe ten years ago on a wilderness hunt. He had his filming entourage along. Visited with him for a while and he was the same character in person as on his shows. Sad to read his last entry but he certainly showed a toughness! I would guess his last entry is food for thought for many of us, particularly us older guys. May God have him rest in peace.

From: MT Livin'
That's too bad, sorry to hear. His FB entries over the last few years have been very similar, especially the last 6 months, the description of his loneliness to the world is sad to see.

From: wild1
RIP Tred. Prayers for his family.

From: Riverwolf

Riverwolf's embedded Photo
Riverwolf's embedded Photo
Even the Greatest stumble, trip,and fall....The tough get up and go again. Tred pushed as hard as he could on a daily basis. He was a "inspiration" to countless people of all walks of life. To hunt, fish, enjoy nature and life. Push yourself no matter the odds or cards dealt....That was always his message. Thank you for that Tred !

......You will feel pain nor loneliness no more my friend. RIP Mr. Barta.

Was he recently married again in 2017 ? Prayers out to his loved ones.

A man who had run his course. Was beat down by life and, tired. He was taken home. By a loving and caring father. That’s the way I see it.

I have no special resolutions for the guy. I was inspired by his grit after being paralyzed. But, never spent anytime following him. But, his last post said it all. He was done here.

May his family be at peace with Gods will.

From: ahunter76
WV Mountain-I agree with your comment. He was taken home & all his suffering has ended.

From: fubar racin
I remember watching his show when I was young always enjoyed it. He is healed and in the happy hunting grounds now I’m sure back to doing it his way!

From: bow-hnt
Just finish reading Tred Barta’s last post , heart wrenching.... Tears I my eyes.....

From: Pat Lefemine
Sad. He was a force. Was dealt a crappy hand and continued living. Check the archive for our interviews. He will be missed.

From: Beav
I would say all of his questions have been answered. RIP Tred!

From: Linecutter
A man looking for a home that wasn't fake, a place was peaceful, for true friends , and to be closer to God. He has finally found what his soul was searching for all this time and was welcomed with opened arms.

From: CurveBow
Goodspeed Tred......

From: SteveD
Lots of emotion and messages between the readable lines. May his journey finally be completed.

From: BGbasbhat
Certainly a shame. I remember watching him when I was younger. He seemed like a goofball and he was always having a blast out there. Pretty much like all of us..

From: Will
Rest in peace Tred!

From: Busta'Ribs
Read Tred's book way back when and he was a true hero/legend to me when I was learning to fish offshore in the northeast canyons. Remember his stories about running his 20' Mako 80 miles off loaded with gas cans so he could get back home. Had more balls than brains back then, but he could out fish anyone. Tred caught more Big Eye Tuna than any man alive at one point (maybe still has?). Met him at Walkers Cay in the Bahamas with his family and he couldn't have been a nicer guy. Was dealt a bad hand with his health issues, but he never quit. His "get off the couch" tour was his final act. Imagine being paralyzed and driving solo from North Carolina to Alaska. Guess he still had big balls. Sad to see he died a lonely man. But it was clearly time. RIP.

From: Rupe
My condolences to his family. I really enjoyed his Bowsite interview.

From: Jaquomo
Bou, thanks for sharing his last post. Heartbreaking. He had a helluva run before being taken down. Then his resolve couldn't overcome the loneliness. RIP Tred.

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