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From: keepemsharp
Do any states allow the draw lock system?

From: Scrappy
Seems like back in the day Arkansas was legal but I could be mistaken. Those things just look way to dangerous to me.

From: WapitiBob
None that I know of.

From: JTV
was illegal in Indiana, not sure now... to damn close to a crossbow for my liking ...

From: goyt
They are legal in Ohio. I would think that they are legal in states where crossbows are legal.

From: greg simon
Arkansas regs used to specifically state drawlock was not allowed but crossbows were legal...wtf??? I guess if you saw a warden just hold your bow sideways gangster style!!! Don't know about the rule now but I will have to check it out.

From: YZF-88
Need a Whisker Biscuit if your going to hold it gangster style. That could be a niche market!

From: Franklin
Doesn`t part of the arrow sit in a tube so once it`s drawn there is no way the arrow can go any way but forward. That is what I recall from the ones I saw

From: Will
I feel a little trollish today, as it's my first day back after a nice family vacation...

Um, these should totally be legal anywhere crossbows are. It's likely a more dangerous system, but the same concept, just added to a vert bow. So... If crossbows are legal this should be too.

Wait, let me get some popcorn now :) ha ha ha!

From: planebow
They are legal in MT for the handicap

From: badbull
They are legal in many states if you are disabled and have doctor's documentation. I bought one years ago and set up my 1999 Mathews with it just in case I ever become injured. It was easy to set up and accurate. I don't think that I could ever bring myself to hunt with a crossbow but this might work for me in case of disability. Something to keep in mind for us old guys. Good luck to you all.

From: loprofile
I installed one for a friend when they first came out. Scariest device I have ever seen. Looked like it could explode at any time.

From: keepemsharp
The problem seems to be the bow arm has no tension on it and seems to wave the bow all over hell.

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