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From: badbull
Has anyone used USPS overnight to ship wild game? Hopefully I will need to ship a processed mule deer this summer. I have had my own vehicle to transport meat in the past many years but I can remember draging bloody gamebags accros the airport lobbies which would not work out in today's world. UPS or Fed. Ex would likely be very expensive but checked baggage might work if I could package it properly. Any recent experience would be appreciated.......Bob

From: Mule Power
Freeze your meat if possible. If not add a small amount of dry ice. Weigh 48 quart coolers to 48 pounds. Take duct tape and tape them up good at baggage counter after they check/inspect them. Fly it home. Next day shipping isn’t any cheaper.

From: Bloodtrail
I’ll say it again....find a friend that has a corporate account with fedex. Use their account number to get the better pricing.....then you just pay the shipping rather than put it on the account when you ship it. Do the 2 day shipping. Freeze your meat solid. Go to Home Depot or Lowe’s. But one cardboard box, one sheet of solid foam foundation insulation and some duct tape. Put all meat in box. Cut insulation to size around box. Duct tape seams and ship. It works! And your meat will arrive still frozen. And it’s very inexpensive. Your box should only weigh about 50-60 lbs for a mule deer boned out, wrapped meat, correct?

If you call the airline your flying and ask them what extra bags cost will find their fees go up exponentially for each bag you have. The only thing we have carried on is the cape in a soft cooler without any issues.

From: Tdvorak
Ha. “Dry ice” Classic.

From: bighorn
If you use UPS or Fed-Ex and 2 Day shipping do it so it doesn't run into weekend. Shipped a cooler of meat home on Thursday 2 day shipping never got it till Monday afternoon some meat was thawing some was still 1/2 frozen wrapped meat in newspaper and dry ice.

From: Trial153

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I would bone it out, freeze it then put to a couple soft coolers and check it in. Even with delays and overage charges you will be better off then fed ex shipping.

From: JL
I think I read/heard somewhere the Post Office is a little funny shipping dry ice due to a hazmat concern??

We have a private fedex acct number and use it every now and then.

From: Jims
As mentioned above ship it home with your baggage....much cheaper and easier! Make sure each box/cooler fits within the restrictions for the particular airlines you are flying.

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