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TXCazador 21-Aug-19
BC173 21-Aug-19
Vonfoust 21-Aug-19
ohiohunter 21-Aug-19
midwest 21-Aug-19
Franklin 21-Aug-19
Lark Bunting 21-Aug-19
TXCazador 21-Aug-19
Jaquomo 21-Aug-19
Bowfreak 21-Aug-19
tobinsghost 21-Aug-19
jcurri 21-Aug-19
yooper89 21-Aug-19
From: TXCazador
My flexibility when climbing the mountains needs hep. There was an old thread that had a link to a gentleman (Older) showing different types of stretchering, and balance exercises. This man was very energetic in the video. I am going to guess the thread was from about 6yrs ago. What stuck in my head was that it was geared for us old guys. Damn I hate saying that. Still think I'm bullet proof.

From: BC173
Stretch and then stretch some more. Buy some of the rubber tubing so you can keep doing it thru the winter. The different colors represent different strengths. Just make it a daily routine.

From: Vonfoust
Find yourself a yoga chick.

From: ohiohunter
Speaking of stretching, every morning my low back is tighter than a banjo string. Sometimes its hell just putting on socks. I'm afraid no amount of stretching will change how I wake up, but its worth a shot.

I think just watching a Yoga chick might cure me... dunno.. but its definitely a treatment I'd try.

From: midwest
I remember that thread, too.

I hate it, but yoga is exactly what you need.

From: Franklin
X2 BC173.....just don`t tie them to your shower door.

From: Lark Bunting

Lark Bunting's Link
I enjoy yoga. I don't enjoy not having much time for yoga.

I try to keep up with this lady's channel and she has some good beginner yoga videos.

Stretching really helped me in the last couple years. I couldn't come close to touching my toes. Focusing on the core and hip flexors really made me feel better. It'll help prevent injury as well.

From: TXCazador
I believe in the stretching, and I do a lot of it but this video was also about balance. The instructor had quit a few simple techniques. What do you do for that? My wife does not like your idea about getting a yoga Chick, something about cutting all my strings.

From: Jaquomo
Franklin, I learned that tying my yoga chick to the shower door was a BAD idea.... especially since she owns more and better guns than I do.....

From: Bowfreak
Yoga is the key. It sucks when you are as non flexible as I am, but it is great for you.

From: tobinsghost
I just got a great fb post about numerous stretches. I went to Amazon and bought a book about stretching. It is home but I will try to find it later.

From: jcurri
Yoga is key. I've been doing it for two years and went from being able to touch my knees to being able to put my hands flat on the ground.

From: yooper89
Lark Bunting - I've heard good things about Adriene. I'm going to give her a try. I'll be 30 this December... back ain't what it used to be ;-)

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