Quarter, then skin
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LKH 24-Aug-19
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From: LKH
I've changed from skin and quarter gutless to quarter, hang, and then skin the quarter if there is a place to hang the quarters. Much easier on the back and a lot cleaner.

Faster and much faster if you have a person to start skinning as you're getting the quarters off

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From: itshot
yup, cut through as much hair as possible, backstraps are best if you leave skin on and freeze...the hair imparts a unique flavor

^^^ Ewwww

From: Mule Power
LKH that’s what I do. Cut down the center of the spine, peel hide back and remove backstraps. After that I remove quarters with the hide on. My processor prefers we do that. He calls it natures game bag. Everyone knows that if you run the blade under the skin and pull it outward you won’t cut any hair. I remove the hide either before I pack it out or if it’s cold enough in camp where I have lots of time to make sure I don’t get a single hair on my meat. Skinning right from the beginning just exposes it not only to hair but also dirt, ashes, insects etc.

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