How do you carry your bow?
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eBike John 26-Aug-19
Brun 26-Aug-19
Southern draw 26-Aug-19
jordanathome 26-Aug-19
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From: eBike John
Some of you know that I sell electric hunting bikes. well I get asked pretty often to recommend a good bow holder that can go on the bike. Those few bow holders on the market mostly don't do a good job so I often recommend strapping the bow to the outside of the backpack so it doesn't bounce around.

What do you you guys do or have found to work that keeps the bow safe and strapped in so it doesn't rattle around and doesn't stick out and risk snagging on something?

Any tips or best practices so I can give the best possible advice would be awesome. thanks


From: Brun
Thanks for starting this thread. I just bought an ebike and have been wondering the best way to carry my bow. I am thinking about strapping it to my pack and wearing the pack, but would love to hear how others are doing it.


Southern draw's embedded Photo
Southern draw's embedded Photo
I like my Primos sling it’s shoulder strap let’s out plenty long enough to carry with your pack on. It’s also protects the cams.

From: jordanathome
The bow sling would not work great on a bike imho. Too loose and the bow would bounce all over the place. It is great when hiking.

For riding a bike, I'd secure that bow on the back of my pack and compression strap it so it can't come loose while riding.

Good luck!

From: WapitiBob
I lash it to my pack bag.

From: carcus
I strap it to my pack

From: Paul@thefort
Has any one crashed/tipped over, while carrying the bow strapped on the pack?

From: Redheadtwo
I take mine apart and carry it in a takedown case. Or in my hand.

From: spike78
Just buy a 20” Gearhead bow with the backpack problem solved.


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Pretty much protects my whole bow from string to site.....
BULELK1's embedded Photo
Pretty much protects my whole bow from string to site.....
I did a double Primos sling by sewing them together and putting in a stabilizer hole on the front one....

Good luck, Robb

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