Non-Residents Planning to Hunt in AZ
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From: StickFlicker
GAME AND FISH NEWS Aug. 27, 2019 Arizona Game and Fish Department Nonresident OHV decal on sale Sunday, Sept. 1 New decal required for nonresidents to ride in AZ, purchased only through AZGFD

PHOENIX — Out-of-state residents wishing to legally ride their off-highway vehicle and support OHV trail maintenance, education and law enforcement efforts in Arizona can purchase a nonresident OHV decal beginning Sunday, Sept. 1.

The new decal was supported and pushed by the OHV riding community during the 2019 legislative session and was signed into law by Gov. Doug Ducey. The law requires nonresident OHV owners to purchase a decal to operate the machines within the state.

All OHVs designed by the manufacturer primarily for use over unimproved terrain and that weigh 2,500 pounds or less are required by law to display a valid OHV decal to operate on public and state trust lands. This includes “street legal” OHVs that meet these two requirements.

Before the law was passed, nonresident OHV owners could ride their machines within the state for up to 30 days only if their state had a similar in-state resident decal program. There is no longer a grace period allowing nonresidents to operate without an Arizona decal and owners are now required to purchase a decal before operating their machines within the state.

Those caught riding without a current decal can be fined.

Both resident and nonresident OHV decals cost $25 (plus a processing fee) and are good for one year from the purchase date. While the resident OHV decal can be purchased at any Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division office or at, the nonresident OHV decal can only be purchased online through an Arizona Game and Fish Department portal account, which can be created at by clicking “My Account.”

The decal will not be sold at AZGFD offices and nonresidents with multiple machines must purchase additional decals as each OHV must have its own decal. Owners should also know that: • Decals are not transferable between OHVs. • The nonresident OHV decal will be mailed within two to three weeks from the date of purchase, but purchasers can show their emailed receipt (or a screenshot of it) for up to 30 days as proof of decal purchase. Owners/riders must have the receipt readily available if requested by law enforcement or until they receive their decal. • Exemptions from the law include those participating in OHV special events; operating on private land; loading or unloading from a vehicle; operating during an emergency, if directed by a law enforcement officer; or if the OHV it displays a valid dealer license plate. • Helmets are required by law to be worn by all operators and passengers under the age of 18, but they’re strongly recommended for everyone. Funding raised by the decal program supports OHV opportunities and rider education in the state. Thirty percent of the funds collected go into the state’s Highway User Revenue Fund, which is distributed to counties and cities for road and highway maintenance. The remaining 70 percent of the funds are split as follows: • 60 percent to Arizona State Parks for grants and agreements, trail construction, development and maintenance, signage and maps. • 35 percent to the Arizona Game and Fish Department for law enforcement, education and outreach. • 5 percent to the Arizona State Land Department for mitigation, signage and enforcement.

From: bowbender77

From: wyliecoyote
And you have to wait till after Sunday to apply for one...!!

From: AZ8
Surprised it took them this long.

Colorado charges us non-residents $25.25 for an OHV permit.

^^^ This!

From: Hans 1
Going to have to figure out how to get one. Not super worried if I can’t, never seen a place with more disregard for the road closed signs by other hunters\ATV users and lack of any enforcement.

From: smarba
Hans obviously haven't hunted NM LOL (actually I'm not laughing, more like crying).

From: goyt
I hunted unit 8 in AZ a number of years ago and the warden was all over us. He would stop by us, ask baited questions and look around our camp. I certainly would not have wanted to have been there without having every i dotted and t crossed. He never found anything wrong and I do not believe we did anything wrong but this game warden sure made me nervous. I would not go there w/o a sticker.

From: Scar Finga
GOYT... Man that is weird!

I have lived here for 20 years, and hunted here for 30+... I have never had an issue with a warden, ever! And I have never had one check my ATV! Forest service might, but I have always followed the law (I am Not implying you did not). I would have called him out, then called his boss! If I am following the law and doing right, no reason for harassment! The LEO's are not above the law... ever!

From: goyt
Scar, It was weird. We were having what I thought was a very pleasant conversant and he said " There are a lot of wild turkeys around. You guys are shooting a couple for camp meat aren't you?" in a tone of voice that implied that it was both acceptable and expected. Another time he asked where we were hunting at night. Thinking he meant afternoon I started to answer but one of the other guys jumped in and said that we do not hunt at night. We were wondering if he would try to fine us for mistakenly admitting to hunting in the dark or if he meant afternoon but he never followed up about afternoon hunts. There were old sets of tire tracks leadings off roads near the area that we were camped in which is illegal unless you are retrieving game. He asked us why we were driving over there implying that we were the guilty party. There was a youth squirrel season open, He asked how we like hunting squirrels with our bows. He had a way of do this during a friendly discussion while we were totally of guard and suddenly I would realize that he was either asking or implying that we were criminals. He may have been joking but if he was I never picked up on it.

From: Scar Finga
Nope, he was fishing and trying to make you incriminate yourself! A POS is a POS!!! Sorry for your troubles, if you know his name, please report him! Harassment is BS!

From: trublucolo
I'm with Scar on that, the guy was trolling.

From: Scar Finga
I would have flat out asked him why he keeps coming into my camp. Once I have shown him my license and tags, he has no business with me unless I have committed a crime!

From: goyt
We stopped talking to him. When he came to camp everyone would get up and find something to do making him approach someone. That person would only answer direct questions briefly but politely. One time was all it took once we started doing this if I remember correctly.

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