Choosing between 2 guides?
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How do you guys pick between 2 guides who have good feedback from past hunters, similar accommodations, and hunts that are similar to each other? I know it is a good spot to be in, but how do you decide on the right one?

From: PECO
the cheapest one

From: kota-man
If it is that close, let the outfitter pick. Or are you talking about "Outfitters"? I assumed you were talking about two guides working for the same outfit, but now I'm confused.

From: Junior
The guide is just as important as the outfitter. Have you asked to talk to your guide? long has he worked for the outfitter? Does he scout before you arrive? What he normally see...quality and quantity?

From: yooper89
I assume you're talking about outfitters not the actual guides themselves - seems like most outfitters pick your guide for you when you show up. If you're getting great reviews from each, I guess location and price would be deciding factors.

From: DanaC
Talk to both, and trust your gut.

From: Huntcell
The one you can beat in a foot race when a grizzly shows up.

Is he all Sitka all the time or that other stuff?

The one that is a Bowsiter.

The one with the most wear to his footwear?

The one that looks best in your upcoming hero shots.

Go with one this year and the other next year and let us know .

Find out which one has done it all, knows it all, been everywhere, then go with the other one.

Flip a coin.

Put a picture of each on the floor and let your dog decide.

From: South Farm
Maybe you could call him and sing this to him through the phone..

There's been another Outfitter that I've needed and I've loved

But that doesn't mean I love you less

And he knows he can't possess me and he knows he never will

There's just this empty space above my mantle that only he can fill

Torn between two Outfitters, feelin' like a fool

Lovin' both of you is breakin' all the rules"

I guarantee by the time you're done, probably before, he'll make the decision for you!

Do you mean Outfitters, or guides? Generally, but not always, the guides work for the Outfitter as employees and are directed by the Outfitter.

There are of course exceptions, especially in the smaller family run operations.

From: kota-man
OP...where are you at? We need more information...Anything said to this point is strictly speculation. Are you talking "Guides" or "Outfitters"?

From: Vonfoust
Shortest drive. Closest to a brewery. Both are considerations if you can't make up your mind:)

I'm looking at 2 mountain lion outfitters that are small businesses so they are both the outfitter and the guide. They are both similar in price and offer the same time period for the hunt. Both claim 85% success on their cat hunts. One is in Colorado and one is in Idaho. Other than that they are very similar.

Might consider the terrain and likely snowfall that time of year, as well as accomodations and transport vehicles. Hunts can be difficult if not in physical shape. Good luck this season.

From: JohnMC
Post up both outfits and see if you get better or worse feedback from bowsiters that have used them.

I'm looking at Cat Tracks Outfitters in Colorado and Rasmussen Outfitters in Idaho.

From: Stekewood
For me it would be an easy choice. Canyon's West in Nevada. ;-) Seriously though, just talk to them on the phone and go with whichever one you hit it off with best and think you would most enjoy spending time with.

From: fubar racin
Rasmussen doesn’t have any trophy pics with a gun pointed at the hunter cat track does.

From: Dave
Go with the Idaho one. We need less cats here.

From: g5smoke21
Cat track offers a great hunt

From: Rocky D
If it’s dead even then I would choose the area that best support my goals.

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