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'Ike' (Phone)'s embedded Photo
'Ike' (Phone)'s embedded Photo
First, this is not a pity thread..This is don't be a dumbass like I did this am on a regular ladder...

I even looked at my harness before going up to do gutter guards work...

6' fall 9 broken ribs, punctured lung and smacked a concrete paver with my head. Which I tried to protect...Lucky I carry phone when I do ladder work...

Just be safe...

Man o man I hate to hear/see that but at least you’re smilin:)

Get well quickly! C

From: drycreek
Bad deal Ike. Luckily, I KNOW me and ladders ain’t compatible. Heal up !

From: t-roy
Dang Ike! Hopefully, you heal up quickly!

From: Whocares
Wow! Get well and heal quickly.

From: GF
Get better, Brother! (That smock makes you look Old!!)

Best wishes for a speedy recovery sir!

Damn, George.....you need to hire that out next time! ??. Glad you’re okay and on the mend.

From: Bowboy
Wow! Get better soon and stay away from ladders.:)

From: RK
Ike. That sucks. Good luck and quick recovery

One of my guides fell off the second rung of a ladder two weeks ago when the ladder slipped. Shattered his knee cap Surgery to tie it back together

2.5 feet off the ground

Ladders are death traps

Get well soon Ike

From: Woods Walker
Next time.....HIRE IT OUT!!!

But........sometimes not all is as it seems. A couple of years ago a hunting buddy of mine was on a ladder doing some painting for a customer. The bottom feet of the ladder gave way and he and the ladder went tumbling down. It messed up his leg JUST in time for deer season. But here's the other part. When he went to the doctor after his spill, they decided to do a full body scan just to make sure it wasn't more than the injured leg. They didn't find anymore physical damage from the spill, but they DID find a cancerous growth on one of his kidneys. They were able to remove it and contain it before it spread. So far, so good for him! One could say that in his case, his accident was a blessing.

Dang George, too bad you didn’t land on your head...you would’ve walked away without a scratch! ;-)

Seriously, praying for a speedy recovery!

From: kota-man
Dang Ike! Get better fast...

From: Zackman
Damn it George. I don’t want to see you at work!! Be careful man and get well

Hope you heal up fast.. Hunt

From: Marty
Darn! Heal up quickly and glad it wasn't worse.

From: Jaquomo
Good grief, George! Best wishes and thankfulky it wasn't worse!

Damn, G! You need to stay on the ground. Glad you're gonna make it. Old people don't fall well! :)

From: Nick Muche
Damn man, get well soon!

Geez, heal fast and rest up Ike.

Could have been way worse.

Take it easy bud.

From: Lee
Dang! Here’s to a speedy recovery!


Thanks guys, really appreciate it...The chest tube was a mo fo...

Injuries Suck!

My ladder incident was on Memorial Day, this year and I still can't draw any bow and when I get breathing hard the ole ribs remind me to slow down.

Recover well and smart man.

Keep the faith, Robb

From: DanaC
Dang! Tough break.

It doesn't take a 'big' fall to put you out of commission in a hurry. Took a spill several years ago, twenty feet from the truck! The bruised ribs made drawing and shooting a bow 'problematic.' Probably for the best that no deer walked past me that week!

From: midwest

midwest's embedded Photo
midwest's embedded Photo
Wow, George, could've been worse, I guess. I've heard those rib injuries are painful as heck! Heal up quick, buddy!

Get well bud,ribs are a tought heal,lotta pain,coughing or sneezing are the worst...I work off of ladders on a daily basis,,setting it up right and not overreaching while up there are the most important tips I can give anyone...

From: pav
Dang George! Never had a punctured lung, but can attest broken ribs are not much fun. Don't rush the recovery. Easy to do too much, too fast! Glad it wasn't any worse.

That sucks! How many pieces did the paver break into?

Hope you heal quickly. Broken ribs are no fun.

From: Wayniac
wow.. stinks. heal up I had a coworker and a friend both take ladders spills this year.. both bad leg & ankle breaks - coworker has been out since May, friend will be out 6-9 months

Get well !! Scary stuff.....

From: TrapperKayak
Hope you heal quick! 6 ft... Makes me want to blow off the annual Christmas light installation, 2- 3 stories up on the extension ladder fully extended. Icicles the whole length of the roof. Been lucky for 15 yrs. May have to ponder new decor.. Get well soon sir!

From: Scar Finga
Prayers for a quick recovery brother! Happy to hear it wasn't worse!

From: Inshart
Hey 'Ike' .... ummmm if things take a turn for the worst, can I have your bow? :) :)

Get well soon

From: Scoot
Ouch!!! That stinks! I hope you heal up quickly.

From: Bou'bound
prayers for quick recovery.

i know yours was a ladder around the house, but people always ask me what the most dangerous animal I have hunted is. I always say deer and they laugh. I tell them I am serious and they say "why"? I say it iw because I do it from 15+ feet above the earth and an spending hours or an entire day on a 20 x 20" seat. A recipe for an accident the whole time and every time.

gravity never loses in a fall

From: Buffalo1
Sorry about the mishap. Hope you have a speedy recovery.

From: cnelk
OSHA stats show the worst injuries from falls the person isnt even off ground level

Get well Ike!

From: BigOk
Get well soon.

From: elkmtngear
Well George, at least you remembered the Golden Rule...always do stupid things right after September! ;^)

Seriously, sounds painful...hope relief and healing come soon!

That sucks! Get well soon and get back up.

From: Bowfreak
Never had a punctured lung but I can attest that chest tubes suck. Get well fast Ike.

From: sticksender
Hate to hear that George. Looks like you're getting good care. You'll be good as new before you know it.

From: Matt
Get well soon bud. I imagine it hurts to laugh. Hopefully your jack@$$ friends aren't trying to make you chuckle by telling dumb jokes.

By the way, what did the fish say when it ran into a wall?


From: ki-ke
Holy hell of a wake up call! Quick healing and total recovery onya, Ike!!!....

From: Heat
Hang in there Ike!

From: ben h
That sucks, hope you get better soon.

Keep safety in mind doing even the simplest of tasks as sometimes the apparent lack of risk has the most mishaps. Years ago I was a carpenter on a job and a worker was passing me a sheet of plywood through the trusses while he was on on a stair landing and took a step backwards into thin air and fell 5-6', but did not stick the landing well and broke his back. Fortunately it did not sever the spinal cord and he was not paralyzed, but it was a long recovery.

Stay safe!

From: GF
Just a damn shame that nobody gives a damn about you....

From: carcus
Hope you heal up quick, as i get older I'm less brave with ladders, i hate stepping off them onto a rooftop or stepping back onto them

Thanks guys! Even the doctors are shaking their heads with the 9 rib thing! Crazy as it was only 6’ feet, can’t imagine what anything higher would have done...Again, thanks you and stay safe out there, especially in the stands!

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