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Zac recently interviewed Ray Howell who tells his amazing life story which has culminated in the which helps troubled young kids find passion in Bow hunting and the outdoors.

Ray is one of the most accomplished bow hunters you may not know. This is definitely worth a listen especially if you’re thinking about your life and what you may leave behind.

Go to your Podcast app, search Pope & Young and listen to episode 18, titled “Ray Howell and Kicking Bear Foundation”. Great job Zac and Ray.

From: Grubby
Charlie, what’s the name of the podcast?

Search the Pope & Young Podcast, Episode 18. Titled, “Ray Howell and Kicking Bear Foundation.”

Maybe someone can attach the link??

From: JohnMC

JohnMC's Link

From: Hawkeye
Ray Howell is definitely an inspiration. I'll check it out. Thanks Charlie!

Thanks for posting the link. There is much we can learn from Ray’s story to help our lives be more meaningful.

Turned a difficult childhood into World Champion and Gold Metal, Power lifter, very successful business man, husband, father and Grandfather to 42 kids. Bow success and hunting accomplishments we can dream of. BUT then what??

From: Nick Muche
Loved this one. If it doesn’t send chills down your spine you’re not human. Thanks Zack and thanks to Ray for laying it all out there. Well done.

I’ll bring this one up top again.

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