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From: cnelk
Okay... Thanks to Pat Im considering Lasik... Bowsite may have just cost me $3000 and I thought Rokslide was bad!

But Im sure there are some that have some post Lasik problems or issues. I realize there is always a 'risk factor', but would like to hear some real life stuff.


From: Dakota
The only problem I had were dry eyes for a while. Just keep your eye drops handy and use them. I'm very happy with my results and did not have any major problems.

From: Buffalo1
First is the “heart attack”you have when you suddenly “go blind” during the procedure and wondering why you agreed to have the procedure. No one ever tells you about the “blindness” occurring. And then suddenly, your vision is restored and even better than before the procedure and you are joyed with your decision.

Second is the dry eyes for a couple of months following the procedure. This issue will pass in time.

Third is when you grow older and have to have cataract surgery and you have to go back to glasses again.

I never had the halos or starbursts at night which is a common post surgery issue.

In between all of the above it’s all good !!

From: Twinetickler
My Dad had it and they gave him an option where he would be able to see better at distance but have to wear reading glasses for things up close. He can now see great at long distances but has a hard time seeing through his peep and fuzzy pins but can see the animal well. He cant read a text I send him without his glasses which he never has, it has taken some getting used to, but you may want to think about that if they make you choose an option.

The overwhelming majority of folks see real benefit from lasik. My adjustment was just a bit off in my dominant eye but it wasn't anything that made me regret leaving contacts and glasses behind. I ended up just a touch farsighted but excellent on distance. That would have been a bummer if I shot sights.

Even so, I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

From: AaronShort
the worst part for me was the 6 months following I woke up each morning trying to grab my glasses that werent there anymore. LOL

From: Hiplanes
I had great results initially but as my eyes deteriorated over the the period of 8-10 years, I went in to have a touch-up. The new Dr. said not only are you not a candidate for a modification, you should have never been approved for the first surgery. You now need a separate surgery because your cornea/retina is so thin and getting worse (partially caused by the Lasik), you could need a corneal transplant down the road if not treated. Shocked to say the least. He said my initial Lasik back in the day (early 2000's) the Dr.s pushed the envelope on candidacy. I now have scleral contacts and my vision is great. If you've never heard of scleral contacts and traditional/soft contacts don't work for you because of extreme dry eyes, check 'em out.

From: grossklw
The dry eyes are the only real thing I noticed. It gets better but I would say my eyes are definitely a little more dry now than they were previously. Other than that, best 3k I've ever spent.

I had PRK done, which is different than LASIK, but similar results. Different in the fact that they completely remove the cornea and let it grow back as opposed to just flopping it back and then “tack welding” it back in place. Supposedly this makes it more durable, which makes the military be more acceptable to it in medical waivers, which besides durability on the farm is the only reason I got it as opposed to LASIK.

My post-op was entirely different than someone with lasik due to the cornea regrowing entirely, and consisted of 5-8 days of the worse pain I’ve ever felt in my life and an insane sensitivity to light. After 5 days of near blindness, the bandage contacts were removed and I could somewhat see, barely good enough to drive. Another few days and I was seeing pretty good, and after a couple weeks I was 20/10. That was when I was 18, I’m 20 now and my vision is just as good as when I got it done. I’ve had all sorts of stuff get in my eyes farming (hay, dust, etc) have swam underwater in salt water, and everything in between, and have had absolutely no irritability or problems with them. For the couple months or so I would have a couple “dry days” here and there, but other than that, no issues at all.

It sure beats messing with contacts every day or messing with glasses fogging up, especially on multi-day hunts where putting in contacts with no sink or running water to wash your hands can be a real pain. (Note: with lasik you won’t have any of the post-op pain I had, and the results would be nearly instant) If you’re on the fence about it, do it. It’s crazy to wake up with 20/20 vision after having 20/140ish for my entire childhood.

From: badguybuster
i had lasik a little over a year ago and ended up with 20/10 in both eyes however i suffered a small protein breakdown in my right eye as a result of the surgery. It causes the eye to periodically feel like its weaker than the left. Im left eye dominant so its not debilitating but is annoying.

From: creed
I mention this nearly anytime Lasik comes up but I would not have done it if I could do it over. I was in my early 40s when I had it and I’m in my early 60s now. I have had continuous dry eyes, vision fluctuation, severe night time halos, 3 enhancements and still wear glasses. In my instance it was not the right thing to do.

I had halos, eye twitch for about a year. One thing I didn't know is it increases your chance of getting cataracts later on in life (trust me I know now I have surgery scheduled). But I would do it again anyway!!!!

From: 7mm08
Have had SEVERE dry eyes for 21 yrs sine my surgery. A lot of mornings, I can barely see until I put eye drops in. It did help my vision tremendously. Still have 20-20 on eye tests, but require reading glasses now.

From: Rickm
None for me.

From: MathewsMan
After LASIK I kept trying to push my glasses up on my face for a month or two- but it was strange because I no longer wore glasses anymore.

I never had halo, or any issues.

From: Scar Finga
Halos for me, mostly on my left eye, but I had an eye injury and also had to have a corrective lens put in. I am back to wearing glasses after about 10 years. I won't do it again, but I don't regret having it done at all!

From: steve
I had mono vision one eye to se close one eye to see far after about 10 years the reading isn’t as sharp but l don’t have to were Glasses for most things

From: Surfbow
My wife had it in her early 20's. She had to go back to wearing glasses by the time she was 30 due to a combination of lots of reading for grad school and being a 'too-early' candidate for the procedure...

From: 4blade
I had prk about 9 yrs ago. With prk they remove the skin over the top of your eye, shape the cornea then let the skin grow back. Lasik they cut the skin leaving a piece attached, flop it over and shape the cornea.

Any way, I have had dry eye ever since and it turns out I never should have had this done to start with. If you can't sleep in your contacts and wake up and go blink blink and can see fine but have to add drops cause the contacts are dried out, think twice about doing this.

The dry eye has been so bad that the skin detaches from the cornea, its called corneal erosion. I went years with every 3 months my eye literally coming apart. Off to the doc you go to have the edges scraped and a bandage contact applied, it heals in over in about a week but leaves scars, my night vision has been ruined due to the scars from the corneal erosion. All 4 of my tear ducts have plugs in em and I use Restasis once a day. I have to wear moisture googles to sleep with eye gel, think vaseline in your eye,or they come apart.

I don't have to wear glasses unless its small print or I'm in a low light situation.

Brad, I've done a ton of research on this. I've been meaning to do it for the past two years. As with any surgical procedure, you want to get it done by the guy who's done 10,000 of them. Also, you want to get it done with one of the new million dollar lazer machines that get it done in seconds. GL. I'm probably getting it done in February. No way I'll do it from August-January... if I"m not working, I'm hunting. No time for doctors.

From: 76aggie
Had it done about 15 years ago with excellent results. Dry eyes initially and had halos around car headlights when driving at night. I opted for distance vision and use readers up close. After the 15 years my vision may have diminished somewhat but very little in my opinion.

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