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From: Drop Tine

Drop Tine's embedded Photo
Drop Tine's embedded Photo
I just got put into this but want to get out hunting this weekend. I have a ground blind 60 yards behind the house I can crawl into.

My only issue I think will be keeping my foot warm. Weather is calling for in the upper 30’s by shooting time. Anyone hunted with a similar contraption on their foot successfully and can offer suggestions?

From: Franklin
If you have a ground blind bring a wool blanket or a kids sleeping bag with you. Wrap your leg with the wool blanket or put it in the sleeping bag up to your thigh.

From: Bou'bound
Hunting won’t be an issue. Tracking and dragging may be

From: Timbrhuntr
^^ This dragging a deer up out of a ravine after hip surgey sucks i'm sure it would suck with that boot on too !

From: Brian M.
Unless you draw your bow with your foot, get out there.

From: Yellowjacket
I was going to suggest the wool blanket also. Also you could maybe put a toe warmer under your toes or fill a plastic bottle with hot water and put under the blanket.

From: Tradmike
Wrap it in a blanket when u get to your blind.

From: SixLomaz
Use crutches to sneak up on game. They will think you are a deer too. For the leg use a wool wrap tied with some twine. Put warmers inside after the first layer of wrap.

From: Drop Tine
Thanks guys, with the talk of wool it gave me the idea and I pulled the liner out of my pack boot and put that on and put the brace on over that and worked fine. Colder temps coming end of next week so I will use the foot warmers if needed.

I killed a nice 210 lb 8 ptr with my .44 magnum the last time I was wearing one of those. Just bundle up with socks and footwarmers as best you can. I crawled to my spot.... I had to wait for someone to come drag that deer out of the woods for me. Almost 19 years ago now.......

From: Jaquomo
Back in the day I broke my right hand a week before the season. The orthopedic doc was also a bowhunter and had me hold my anchor (fingers) while the fiberglass cast set up. My anchor was so solid that I shot better than ever. Killed a bull on opening day, gutted him and the cast was filled with blood and guts. Two days later I killed a big muley buck and the cast got nastier.

I went home and tried hosing it out but it still stunk. Ended up cutting it off ourselves with a small hacksaw blade after it became intolerable.

From: APauls
Talked to a guy yesterday who uses a propane heater ('Lil Buddy) in his blind and has deer 5 yards away no problem. You can always try that.

I have spent countless hours fanaticizing about which of my tools I was going to use to cut off a cast.............I never gave in though.

From: Linecutter
Wool sock, open up the foot section of the boot, hand warmers either side of your foot and under toes, then revelcro the foot section of the boot. While setting in blind a knitted cap over the end of your toes and as far up the foot that it will go. DANNY

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