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From: KC
Let me start by saying I first bowhunted in 1971. I will be 68 in less than a month. Today I experienced buck fever big time. Not much was happening first thing this morning except for a flock of turkeys. So without much else to see I watched them messing around down the hill. After a bit I turned around to see a real nice buck walking away. He had been at about 25 yards right in one of my lanes. By the time I saw him he was 50 yards and going away. Needless to say I was dejected because I had not been seeing much all season. Well that was not the worst of it. Later in the morning I saw another buck heading my way. I got ready as he closed the distance. When he went behind the little brush that was between us I drew. When he cleared the brush I had the pin right on his shoulder and released the arrow. To my dismay the arrow sailed clean over his back. Yes you are never too old for buck fever. I had forgot to look thru the peep. As I look back I remember seeing the pins and whole sight housing right on the deer's shoulder. When looking thru the peep I can only see the pins. Rookie mistake.

From: drycreek
Well, hell ! Better luck next time....

From: Treeline

That’s why we keep doing it man!

Hell of a hunt going there! The empty times are just filler for the main event!

Lets you know you’re alive!

Now get out there and kill something:-)

From: Franklin
09-Nov-19 saw 2 shooter bucks in your setup. You`re doing more than most.

From: fubar racin
Man I hate that buck fever feeling BUT at the same time it’s the also the rush that keeps me coming back for more and more!

From: GF
Buck Fever is what makes it worth doing; bringing it all together to make the shot is a great feeling, isn't it?

From: RJ Hunt
Buck fever is what makes it fun. Many a time have I been concerned that my shaking leg in my stand would make noise.

From: Vonfoust
My Dad is 71 and still climbing trees, set one today. I can still hear it in his voice when I ask what he saw. He gets it. You do too. Many on here do. It's tough to explain and I hope I'm still "getting it" in a few years.

From: Swampbuck
Man I feel like Elvis, don’t know how the world doesn’t know I’m dancing sometimes when you see that one!! Sometimes it comes together, other times the ship sails. That’s why we do what we do. My father n law is 69, setting hangers in in the north woods of Wisconsin, wish I was there

Now, at 73, I do not feel the urge to have to be 'out there' to have to get one. God has blessed me with many great hunting experiences over the past 60 years and I easily recall the events of each. Hip surgery severely limits my adventures this fall, but I will be sitting on the porch of the man cave down back overlooking some good crossings. Even a nice fat doe will elicit that elusive spring fever!

From: midwest
I think whiteys are the worst. You're sitting there in a half coma and they come out of nowhere. Heart rate from zero to a hundred in 2 seconds. It's no wonder we fall apart!

From: Two Feathers
Sometimes I get doe fever. My grandson (8th grade) hunted with me today and shot a doe. He said the adrenaline kicked in when he saw the arrow go through it.

From: Zebrakiller
love it!

Thanks for sharing!

From: RD in WI
My mom still bow hunts at the ripe old age of 84. She has almost zero cold tolerance and hates the bugs of early season. She passed on a 6pt at under 10 yards on the 7th of October and is regretting it big time, especially given the exceedingly cold temperatures that Minnesota is experiencing now. Glad to hear that you still get the shakes - they remind me how exciting life can be. V/R - Rich

From: KC
RD I also passed a 6 pt yesterday. He came in and gave me a 22yd shot. I put the pin right on his shoulder, but kept my thumb behind the release so it would not go off. Was a good feeling to let him walk.

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