Passthrough shot: refurbishing fletching
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dizzydctr 11-Nov-19
Bou'bound 11-Nov-19
Ermine 11-Nov-19
fubar racin 11-Nov-19
Dale06 11-Nov-19
GF 11-Nov-19
hogdaddy 11-Nov-19
Linecutter 11-Nov-19
Scoot 11-Nov-19
mattandersen 12-Nov-19
12yards 12-Nov-19
Bake 12-Nov-19
Fuzzy 12-Nov-19
From: dizzydctr
After a passthrough shot on an animal, what have you found to be the best process to clean body fluids from and refurbish feather fletching.

From: Bou'bound
Water then steam

From: Ermine
I usually wash arrow with water.

From: fubar racin
I cut em off and replace them with vanes but bou’s way works too.

From: Dale06
I cut feathers off after a pass through, and replace them, with new feathers.

From: GF
Put some Windex.

From: hogdaddy
before you pass them through anything treat them something like watershed,a silicone dry fly treatment. shoot, wash with soap and water , steam maybe, sharpen return to quiver.

From: Linecutter
First pour Hydrogen Peroxide into a glass deep enough to cover the feathers and place the nock end of the shaft into the glass and let soak for a few minutes. Yeah it will foam like crazy. Hydrogen Peroxide is also a good way to get blood out of clothing. When the foaming slows down, mix warm water and Dawn dish detergent. Stick the feathered end of the shaft in the soapy water mix, then gently swish the feathers back and forth, to gently agitate any remaining residue off. Then rinse well in warm water. The reason you use warm warm is blood has dissolved fats and cold water solidifies them making it harder to get off. Let the feathers dry. Then with a Whistle Kettle bring water to a boil so steam is shooting out and steam the feather back to shape. The feathers maybe discolored but they should be clean of any blood. DANNY

From: Scoot
Water and washcloth

From: mattandersen
warm water to clean and steam to fluff the feathers back. They won't look brand spanking new but they'll fly just fine.

From: 12yards
I've washed them off with dish soap.

From: Bake
Just warm water. Then a shot to make sure they're still in good shape, then back into the quiver. this is for vanes. Not feathers

From: Fuzzy
Dawn dish soap and water. I use feather fletch so then I have to re-oil the feathers. a very gentle rub down with a cotton cloth lightly dampened with mineral oil does the trick. I'n a pinch you can use your fingers and some nose-grease.

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