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kyrob 22-Aug-20
Joey Ward 22-Aug-20
Lee 22-Aug-20
From: kyrob

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kyrob's embedded Photo
I have several 8 year old sawtooths that have been producing acorns for 3 years or so. Only problem is the acorns are always the size of a pea. There are lots of them but they are always pea size. Any idea what to do to get them to make bigger acorns. The trees appear healthy and I added a bit of triple 10 late last fall but still had little ones this year. Any ideas on what they may need?

From: Joey Ward
Got a better picture of the leaves?

May not be sawtooth. I’ve never seen acorns like that on a sawtooth.

From: Lee
Maybe the gobbler oak variety? They throw small acorns and were bioengineered for small acorns for turkeys

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