Air mattress options?
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From: coelker
So I am looking to change things up a bit.

I am 6' 1" and just shy of 300 pounds. For years I have been sleeping in my truck bed on a queens sized air mattress that I shared with my wife, son etc. Well we have made a shift to setting up tents. I have a small 2 person tent and I want a nice thick air mattress but it has to be big enough for 1 person. So the length and width of of an original full sized thermarest, but 3-4" thick air pad. I am just to heavy any more for anything less. I have been using 2 memory foam pads but I toss and turn as laying in the same spot for a 1/2 hours means I have smooshed the foam flat... Not to mention they take up a ton of room...

Any suggestions?

From: Mt. man
3" or 4" pads from AIRE are amazing! 30" wide

From: Boreal
Big Agnes sleeping bag and air pad. The air mattress fits in a sleeve in the bottom of the bag. Very comfortable.

If you’re car camping, Thermarest Luxury Map XL.

To enable the decadence of my princess when weight is no issue, I will lay that bad boy out with an extra lungful of air and then toss a lightly inflated regular pad on top so she feels no peas.

You will undoubtedly be very comfortable too. Even if you side sleep as a big guy.

From: WapitiBob
Yea you’ll need that thermarest.

From: ohiohunter
$10 Walmart full air mattress for me, but I’m 80lbs lighter. Put a piece of that foam oN top. I think I have the agnes lynx tent, it fits fine

From: Darrell
If you are car camping get a bigger tent! Then go to Walmart and buy the double high full sized air bed. I've been using one for years now and it sleeps almost as comfortable as being at home. The double high is especially nice because you can also sit on it to get dressed and you aren't having to get up and down off the floor. I also put a memory foam pad on the top as long as there is room for it in the truck. That way I'm not sleeping on plastic which makes me sweat. :)

From: EMB
X3 on Walmart. I have a "4 person" Cabelas Guide Tent.

From: T-Doc
Do you want the best? Check out the EXPED MEGAMAT! You will not be disappointed. Not cheap, but tossing and turning at 2 AM is no fun.

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