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From: Scoot

Scoot's embedded Photo
Scoot's embedded Photo
I've gotten lots of mosquito bites lately. Not sure if I got one there. No ticks on me too my knowledge. Didn't get hit there that I'm aways of either. Thoughts on this mark that just developed?

From: Rob in VT
Looks more like a bruise than a bite.

From: 4araquiver
Is it painful, itch, any change since the first picture? Pay close attention to your body and check your temp. Anything that concerns you get in to see a medical professional as soon as possible.

You’ve gotten bitten by something.

From: carcus
Bit by the bowstring

From: jstephens61
Stupid buffalo gnats we have around here will leave a welt like that, maybe not as big. Got bit on the edge of my mouth last year and lip swelled like I’d been hit.

From: Treeline
Kinda looks like a spider bite.

From: Supernaut
Could be a spider bite. They are often times painless and will develop similar markings around the bite site. I was bitten by a brown recluse spider when I was 12. It was like getting stung by a wasp and I got medical attention immediately so I was ok. Untreated bites of any variety can lead to serious issues. If I were you, I'd get it checked out. Good luck and keep us posted.

I thought the same thing as carcus: String slap. But I can't remember from other pics if you are lefty?

In my experience, a bite would have a pink or off colored circular center and the discoloration spreads out from there. Spider bites often present two marks from fangs and discolor significantly at the puncture cite.

Hope you heal up quickly. Pete

From: txhunter58
I would say bruise except for the “central” clear area. Tick is first thing I think of with a “target”.

I would Benadryl and anti-inflammatories orally and Cortisone cream topically. But see a doctor if it looks to be getting worse

From: Jaquomo
I got a spider bite this summer that looked almost exactly like that. Never felt it when it happened. Got some necrosis in the center after a few days.

From: Bou'bound
Spider more than likely. Maybe while sleeping

From: Destroyer350
Use a pen to outline the bite so you can tell if it gets larger.

From: Scoot
Thanks guys. I've been in deer tick country some and wanted to confirm people don't think it's that's kind of bullseye rash. I'm color blind so it's tough for me to tell. Not itchy or painful and don't know how I got it. Thanks again.

From: Boris
Best thing, check it out, NOW. Better to be safe than sorry.

Spider while you where sleeping in the night ?

Hang in there


Doubt it’s a brown recluse bite. I’ve had two and they get nasty. A customer of mine had to get a skin graft when he got bit. The necrosis looks like someone took a melon baller scoop out of you.

From: drycreek
Spider bite I think. Had one just like it, never felt anything but I remember knocking a spider off. A couple days later had what you have except there were red marks leading away in different directions. It was fairly concerning at the time but it was at the beginning of this pandemic bullshit and getting to a doctor was difficult. It took over a week to get to looking better, but it never did hurt.

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