Cooking Blue Grouse in Camp
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coelker 03-Sep-20
APauls 03-Sep-20
JohnMC 03-Sep-20
TurboT 03-Sep-20
Treeline 03-Sep-20
Tilzbow 04-Sep-20
Treeline 04-Sep-20
From: coelker
So my son will be packing his Air Rifle this September archery season for blue grouse. It has been years wince I have cooked them and always made a gravy and rice dish at home in the oven.

This year I want to try cooking them at camp that night. We are Truck camping and have a grill and a burner stove, no oven. What is the best fast way to make a really yummy blue grouse dish? Seasoning? Bacon? Butter? ????

From: APauls
Never killed a blue, we only have ruffies and spruce here, but I absolutely love marinading ruffies and then bbq.

From: JohnMC
I don't know about the best way but they are good just breasting them out a little salt and pepper and on the grill.

From: TurboT
Wrap with bacon and BBQ or Fry them. Or like JohnMC just salt and pepper.

From: Treeline
Marinated in Italian dressing and thrown on a grill over a fire! Yummy!

From: Tilzbow
Two words Dutch. Oven. Put them in before you go out for the afternoon hunt and they’ll be done when you return. Add potatoes, onions, carrots, some chicken broth and spices. When it’s all cooked, remove everything but the liquid, set it all aside, and make gravy in the Dutch oven from the remaining liquid. Super easy and it’ll produce super tender and tasty birds.

From: Treeline
Now that sounds yummy! Will have to try that trick!

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