Flying and bag fees lately ?
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From: Pope125
Im headed to Kansas on 10/4 , I will have a bow case and one 30 inch bag . Both will be under 50lbs . What am I looking at in fees ? Also guys that use rental cars what company you find the cheapest ?

From: TEmbry
Baggage fees are different per airline. Google your airline name +baggage fees and read the first thing that pops up. I always book with Alaska Air whenever possible because I get two free bags with them. Typically book rentals through them as well to get more airline miles

From: fisherick
I have used SWA for several years because of two free 50# checked bags and a carry on bag, never been disappointed by them. Rental cars are a crap shoot at best. They bait you with one brand/style of vehicle and get a lower model. Note SUV's are now FWD not 4WD (Four wheel drive) at most rental places.

From: INbowdude
Flew United last week Indy to Casper Wy and back. First bag $35, second bag$45. Bow case was too big but dodged the $100 fee on the way out. Wyoming folks much nicer about hunting gear. God love them! Rented through Enterprise. Not the cheapest but good car.

From: Quinn @work
I find being a budget fast break member usually gets me the cheapest rates. Although the last 3 vehicles I rented from them have reeked of cigarette smoke and I think I’m done being loyal to them.

From: sitO
Did ya think about looking at your ticket/airline website? If you don't have a ticket yet Wichita has Frontier and SWest which are both running healthy specials from quite a few destinations. As far as vehicles, there's an Amish buggy place in the parking lot.

From: JL
If you're prior military/retired, Allegiant Airlines does free baggage, carry-ons, and just about anything else you have.

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