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From: KsRancher
I am turning some farm ground back to grass and would like to kill the pig weeds, crabgrass, foxtail, sandburrs and goat head stickers. I know it's too late to do anything this fall, looking for a spring time pre emergent. I had wrangler Bermuda drilled into it this spring. I was told by the guy that drilled it that I couldn't put any chemicals on it this year as it would kill the newly planted grass. There is a little bit of buffalo and old world bluestem coming in it also. I will be happy with buffalo, Bermuda, and old world bluestem. Anyone have any experience with killing my not wanted plants? And how long after my grass planting can I put down some chemical. I was looking at prodiamine. Wondering if it was the best bet or if anyone knows of something better?

From: Aftermerle
I use Prodiamine in my yard here in NE Okla. I apply it twice a year. in March and again in late August or early September. It is a pre-emergent, So if your trying to grow a food plot I would rethink that. It may not allow seed germination. In my yard a September application helps prevent spring weeds, while a spring application helps with summer weeds. In a food plot your asking the seeds to grow, so a pre-emergent would hinder that growth. That's my understanding anyway, so "Eat the fish and leave the bones".

From: mgmicky
Aftermerle is correct. The pre-emergent doesn’t know the difference between the plants you want to grow vs the weeds you don’t. I simple terms, think of it as a “barrier” that will prevent seeds from germinating. The label should have instructions on when to safely apply—ie, plant height, x amount of mowings, etc. If your plot is not filled in like want it to be in the spring, I would recommend you do not use any type of pre-emergent

From: LINK
On my 4 acre yard I use MSMA the 2nd or third week of June. It kills my stickers before they go to seed. It will kill most of that other stuff as well. It will set your Bermuda back for 2-3 weeks. You will think that it killed your buffalo but it will come back. I wish it would kill my little bluestem but it won’t. I’m not a fan of applying pre emergent as its like running paint through my sprayer pump. It seams like a pump never works very good after using it. The results I’ve seen with pre emergent on stickers weren’t great either.

From: Habitat
I am guessing you are making the farm ground yard and not habitat?

From: KsRancher
Thanks Danny and Cory. That's what I was after. Habitat, I am turning it into a barrier between my house and farm ground. Wife has had enough of the dust coming into the house and fodder piling up on the back porch. But it will be a good habitat, I have had a covey of quail here most of the summer

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