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From: Woods Walker

Woods Walker's embedded Photo
Woods Walker's embedded Photo

From: Screwball
Teaching it all day today!

From: Ucsdryder
I’ll never forget where I was when I heard the news on the radio of the first plane hitting.

From: Rut Nut
No sir! I’ll never forget hearing that the towers “came down!” I figured the news media must have been exaggerating! Then I saw the video on TV.................... : (

From: Ben
I remember exactly where I was and the awful feeling that came over me knowing so many died at once. A good American will never forget.

From: ahunter76
I remember where I was for 9/11, President Kennedy assination & when his brother was killed. 3 horrible events I wish never happened.

From: Treeline
Was out in the mountains hunting. After a couple of days started noticing no jet contrails...

Hiking out didn’t see anyone. No vehicles on the roads or trailheads.

Thought maybe the world had ended. Very weird for sure.

Was shocked when figured out what had gone on.

From: Kodiak
I was on a solo bowhunt for elk in SW Montana. I missed the whole event.

From: Jaquomo
I was on a plane heading to NYC when the first plane hit. By the time of the second strike the pilot told us over the PA that we were turning back, nothing else. But enough had heard the news over cell phones.

I was back in elk camp by that afternoon, and it was very surreal being in a peaceful place so far from tragedy and chaos.

From: Bob H in NH
My kids were little and my in-laws where supposed to be on a plane into Boston. Was a very stressful few hours as we couldn't get a hold of them.

From: lewis
We were packing up to leave the next morning for the Kiabab well that got delayed never forget my almost 89 Year old father who served over 3 years in Europe and was in the first bunch that took Dachau Just staring at the television and shaking his head in disbelief.The whole thing was surreal.Stay safe and God bless America Lewis

From: Rock
Actually saw it on a small TV in the airport office before our flight heading home from a Caribou hunt in Quebec, they closed Canadian airspace about 10 minutes after we were airborne flying back to civilization. But they allowed us to fly to our destination when our van was. Guess they figured there was nothing to hurt up in that part of the world.

When I saw the first plane hit I said that was no accident and that it had to be a terrorist then the second plan came in to remove all doubt. We ended up renting a car and driving back to Colorado from Quebec.

From: Stix
I remember where I was. In the mountains hunting elk. I hunt over a flight path to DIA, using the jet noise as cover to move. Once I saw no jets flying except fighter jets, I hiked back to my truck, turned on the radio and heard the news. went home. That was my last day hunting for the season. Couldn't concentrate on hunting anymore.

I am thankful for the sacrifice of all the first responder's and military personnel, as well as all the citizens affected.

From: Paul@thefort
I will never forget that day but as many of you who were deep in the forest hunting , we did not know of that day until the following Friday when we came out. All we can hope for is that these events just make us stronger and will make America as strong as ever. God bless us all and God bless the USA. My best, Paul

From: krieger
Only been 19 years and you rarely hear it talked about anymore....sad deal....I had a good buddy that was flying into LGA that morning, got vectored around the first aircraft that hit. ATC had no idea what was going on he said, I was off , had been up til late shooting carp the night before.

The radical muslims pretty much ruined my career and future with that despicable act, they are dam lucky I'm not king, I can tell you that....I'd make Genghis Khan look like he was hosting a Tupperware party...


From: Dale06
I was in a closed door business meeting in Cleveland Ohio. Was not notified until well after the second plane hit. I drove from all Cleveland to Minneapolis. There was almost no traffic.

I was 11, got a call from my dad. Then watched the footage with my classmates on a small tv

From: Coyote 65
Was on my way to work on computers at a powerplant in West Texas. Got there, finished and went to leave and was told no one in, or out. Texas had locked down all electrical powerplants. Did not get to leave and go home until after midnight.


From: Buffalo1
vividly remember where I was 9/11, both John & Robert Kennedy shootings, and MLK shooting (about 6 blocks away- Memphis suddenly turned into a hell hole) and Challenger explosion and Alan Shephard space launch and John Glenn walk on moon.

Never forget

From: Boone
I was in my 9th grade math class when it all went down. Remember the teacher saying we wont be going to our next class and they turned the t.v on to show us what was happening

From: trublucolo
Was on my way into work building houses just east of DIA, had stopped to fuel up and the cashier was watching it on the news. Told me a plane had just accidentally flew into the first Tower. I was watching as the second plane came into view zeroing in on the Towers and I knew before it hit, what was coming next. Spent the next few days working below one of the normal DIA take off and landing approaches empty of airliners, and fighter jets criss crossing the skies east of Denver. I will never forget that feeling that we had just been attacked on American Soil, and wondering what our response was going to be.

From: keepemsharp
The muslums killed three thousand of us that Tuesday morning, more than the japs did in Hawaii. NEVER FORGET THAT.

From: jstephens61
Had the honor of walking through the 911 Memorial on Wednesday. Was at Shanksville, PA a couple years ago. Both are very moving. It makes it all the more real.

From: kakiatkids
My wife (girlfriend at the time) worked in the towers. That day she was in a training session in Midtown. Divine intervention for sure. Unfortunately I had a few friends who were not so lucky. Many more spent months working on the pile. Some are gone now...cancer...sad for sure. Lets us never forget.

From: SJP51
I was the Plant Manager of a power station then. We turned on a TV and saw the 2nd one hit. Damn muslims.

From: sundowner
I was bowhunting elk near Daniel, Wyoming. Third day of a 5-day hunt. After we got the news of the attacks, no one really had their hearts in the hunt.....we mostly just quit hunting and sat around kinda stunned. We couldn't get flights home. A shocking, heartbreaking, scary time. NEVER FORGET!

From: Norseman

From: yooper89
Did 1,000 stairs today for PT at the mini incline in Castle Rock. One of our RTOs did 3 rounds in full bunker gear and SCBA. I was in 6th grade in 2001 and I’ll never forget where I was when we found out.

From: Tonybear61
I had just turned in my notice leaving a company that specialized in Hazmat, waste site cleanups. As a safety professional we didn't agree to their operations, lack of controls in certain areas. After all my crews started coming back from the clients turning them away due to the 1st plane, we all were gathering in the break room and watch the 2nd one hit. Shortly afterwards thedaycare called cause my daughter had a fever, significant rash all over her body. While picking her up the day care provider and I watched the Emergency rescue, collapse of the buildings with a bunch of children running around thinking it was a TV show. Shes in her second year of college now, at the time I didn't know if she would even have a future. No I will not forget it, neither will I forget the fact my state elected a rep who stated "some people did something" to minimize the event. So alot of people in MPLs forgot....

From: W
Was plugged in working approach control that morning at JAN. Here’s the sequence of events-

Ground stop all departures LGA, JFK, EWR, TEB A few minutes later -

Ground stop all departures in the National Airspace System That one got me worried, as I’d never seen that before.

A few minutes later, the call came on the shout line from Memphis Center

We’re going to start handing off arrivals to you that don’t normally land there. We’re putting all aircraft on the ground

Call came on the outside line asking if we had radar coverage over Grand Gulf Nuclear power plant. Our guy who answered the phone replied affirmative. Our instructions were to advise them if we saw any targets in the area of the power plant and they would shoot them down with fighters. I got a break and called my wife. I told her to pick up our son from preschool, as I wasn’t sure how the day would end and wanted them to be together.

Unfortunately, we’ve already forgotten. Our LEO heroes from that day are now treated worst than dogs. Sad.

From: JL

JL's embedded Photo
JL's embedded Photo

JL's Link
Like I said last year on 9/11......this is what I remember as my CO and I were standing in the break room watching the TV with Fox News breaking news about a plane hitting the WTC. As we were watching the TV the 2nd tower was hit. John Scott was the reporter and he is also a private pilot. You can start the vid at 16:20. A sad moment in our history.....

From: 4nolz@work
Im still waiting for prominant Muslims to condemn jihadism they wont.

From: Buffalo1
Do you remember CNN and the other liberal media refusing to show the towers being blown up? Still turns my stomach today of their refusal to report the news.

From: Old School
And if you dare mention the fact that they were Islamic militants you are branded a bigot today. There’s a big chunk of our country that has forgotten - then again you’ve got to know something in order to forget it and I don’t think they ever knew or acknowledged the enemy in the first place.

Then there’s the rest of us and we haven’t forgotten who did this and who were the true heroes.

From: JL
Oh ya...the other irony is 9/11 is our wedding anniversary.

From: Woods Walker
I can assure you that I will NEVER forget.

I grew up in suburban New Jersey in the 50's and 60's. I moved away when I was 18, but my parents remained there for the rest of their lives. Many of the people in my hometown and other surrounding ones worked in NYC and commuted there daily. After 9-11 many never returned home ever again. In the towns where they took commuter trains into the city, the way the families figured out that they'd never see their loved one again was if the car they parked at the train station that morning was still there after several days.

In my home town there where 3 people who died on that day, and the town that my parents had moved to before 9-11 had 18 who were killed. I know people who worked on the clean-up of the Trade Towers who drove semi-dumps, who to this day are haunted by the stench of death they had to deal with when on site.


From: wilhille
I was an OSUT trainee Soldier, only three weeks left until I was supposed to graduate. I was sitting in a como class where we were told we were going to war by our NCO's. They told us the towers were hit as well as the Pentagon. Thought they were BSing us at first. Then they rolled a tv in and we saw it on screen. Was the first time we were allowed to watch tv for a few months.

I eventually did have the opportunity to serve my country. Lost a few buddies over seas and more back home from the scars and horror of war. Two this past summer. Served with and fought alongside quite a few American Muslims who were no less Americans than you or me.

From: Woods Walker
Thank you for your service Wil!

On 09/11 2001 I was working with one of the wonderful people I work with attempting to get a flight to Europe. She was talking to a travel agent who was working in one of the buildings under attack. The line went dead. We later watched the footage in horror as the buildings toppled. I will never forget . I also will never forget the messages from my Moslem friends. They too were beyond appalled about this event. In my world there are three types of people. There are those who want to keep their identity while accepting others. Those who claim to be color blind while trusting no one. and those who are so insecure that they need to feel superior based on where they live or skin color or religious affiliation. I hope I am in the first group.

From: lawdy
Two of my cousins were in the first tower. They had experienced the bombing several years before and were trained in evac. They were taking a coffee break when one of them commented that the plane seemed very low. The impact sent their whole engineering office flying. They gathered the crew, hit the stairs and got out and away from the tower when it collapsed. Barry moved his business out to Long Island where he lived and they vowed to never work in a skyscraper again.

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