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Hunts_with_stick 11-Sep-20
SBH 11-Sep-20
tororo1861 11-Sep-20
So I have some extra vacation days this year. I really would like to do something but dont know what. I'd like to stay within a 10 hour drive of Pittsburgh. No real desire to go south of there. I thought about a trip to AK and just doing some fishing on my own (did that once before) But for a trip like that, i'd rather it not be last minute. The one thing I like about it, is flights are on the cheaper side right now. I might just take some time off and hang with family (Can't take my boys anywhere because they have school). Anyone have any thoughts or ideas?

From: SBH
Pull the boys from school for a few days. Do the AK thing with them if you can swing it.

From: tororo1861

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Try hanging with the family.

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