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From: JayG@work
Hey all. It's been a while since I have been on here. It pretty much coincided with me not feeling like a bow hunter for the past couple years. So as some of you know, my neck and nerves in my neck have been giving me issues, Shoulder weakness and numbing. Anyhow long story short, I had to get a several vertebrae, C-4-5-6 fused because I broke them in about 8 places and my neck was kinds crushed. I thought once they did that, I would be good to go. It turned out that my right shoulder was trashed as well so I had to get that fixed as well. Then I had to get my hips replaced.. Oy vey. So My neck was done Nov , 18, neck May, hips Dec, 19 so now I am healing all up,, but I've been pretty much in the recovery mode for over 2 years. With my neck and shoulder being trashed, I had a real hard time pulling my bow so I didn't feel like a bow hunter. Anyhow, I have been working back up to pulling again. I'm able to draw my bow at around 58ish lbs and am grouping nicely at 30 yds but after about 15 arrows, my shoulder starts getting tired.. Getting older sorta sucks. Anyhow, this Nov when I go to Ohio, I'm going to be bringing out my No-Cam and my Sub-1 just in case something happens to where I can't get my bow back after sitting ion a cold tree for several hours..... I can pull it okay in my back yard but I need to see how I do after sitting and being cold. I may not be able to get it back if I'm stiffening up. Anyhow, today is early bear season here in Northern NY, so I am going out this afternoon to see if I can see a bear, and if I do, whether I can get my bow back to put an arrow in it. Wish me luck. Be well all. Peace, Jay

From: LINK
Good luck Jay. Sounds like a long road back. You’ll get it done

From: ryanrc
Good luck. Use whatever you need to still be outdoors.

From: Highlife
In my best cagun accent YOU CAN DO IT !!!!

From: drycreek
Jay, I don’t feel like a bowhunter either, and I guess I’m not anymore. My son now has my Synergy, arrows, case, and all. My Red Wing Hunter was sold to someone who will put it to better use than I did. Having said that, I still like Bowsite, I have friends here I’ve met, and some I haven’t. I still enjoy reading what folks have to say, whether I agree or not, and I still like to follow y’all’s hunts even if I don’t comment.

Popup ads and all, this is a good place to be, so welcome back !

From: Nick Muche
Best of luck man, praying your health improves and that you can get out and enjoy the woods this fall!

From: Brotsky
Good luck Jay! You see a bear the predator will take over and you’ll get it done. Stay well!

From: Basil
Good luck with your recovery & hunts. I’m facing fusion one 3 levels as well. Did manage to take a beautiful chocolate bear this fall. All your work kinda makes me feel like a sissy. I fought through a bunch of pain and weakness in my bow arm this fall as well. Took a couple weeks off from shooting and it really seemed to help especially with the elbow pain. Now I just need to figure out how to manage the neck pain that comes after shooting.

From: JayG@work

JayG@work's embedded Photo
JayG@work's embedded Photo
Hey guys, thanks for the encouraging words. So I went out this afternoon for the early bear season. It was a beautiful day. I didn't see any bear, but did have a couple doe come through. Overall, it was a pretty great day.

That kind of series of surgeries and recovery time has to be difficult. I hope it’s all behind you and you continue to make gains each day.

Focus on the progress you’re making. Enjoy each hunt. Have a great season!

Short bloodtrails!

Good luck brother. Whatever you end up with, will be affected by your outlook. Never take your eyes off the Lord.

From: Scoot
Good luck JayG! WV may be a classless D (haha!), but see his post above. Wise words in there...

From: TD
Back and neck are our cores. Everything tougher when they aren't right. Sounds like you're on the right track, maybe turning the corner. Keeping on it (the right way) will make it stronger. It's a fine line between training to recover and re-injury by over training. Patience is the key.... I think..... bowhunters on a mission (and soldiers I've heard) tend to push harder, too hard sometimes.

Pretty cool just to get out and have a bow in your hands. It's a beautiful world out there, spectacular, exciting when holding a bow.... it can happen anytime, it can happen in seconds. Can't shoot anything sitting on a couch.... =D

Pretty great to "hear" from you Jay. Thanks for the update! Sounds like the season is firing up for ya.... heck I'm fired up for ya! Stay safe, stay strong. Stay out there. We're all trying to stay in the game as long as we can! Just a handful of things in life we can really say that about.... that's a good thing....

From: 12yards
Hey man! Don't be afraid to go down to 50# or even below. I've shot my last few deer with 50#ers. Still got pass throughs, still eating venison. Just be pickier with your shots and avoid big bones. Good luck Jay!

From: jstephens61
“We can rebuild him, better, faster, stronger “. Ya right. It takes time to bounce back, but keep at it. Be smart and don’t over do it. Best of luck.

From: ki-ke
Good to see youre out and at it Jay! Its encouraging to many I'm sure, to see you toughing through it and getting out. I'd say the bowhunter is still strong in you!

From: Bowfreak
Looks like a bowhunter to me. In a tree hunting with a bow.

Get well Jay.

From: LKH
Congratulations on getting where you are. That's a rough road you've been down. Keep going hard at it.

From: bowhunter24
I went down to 50 lbs as well, newer bow, shot just as fast as my older bow that was 60 lbs. I went to a micro dia arrow as well and had to get a new target to stop the arrow . Good luck wish I was in a tree today!

From: Traveler
Good luck and way to work through the recovery!

From: midwest
Good luck, Jay!

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