Freezing meat numerous times
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From: Bowfreak
I'm processing some venison now and don't have enough pork fat to finish of my ground. Do you guys see any issues with freezing and thawing a few weeks later? At that point I will grind and add fat.

I never thought this was an issue but I know at one time it was considered a no no to refreeze meat.

From: Bentstick54
I know a family that has 4 or 5 hunters that bone out their deer as they get them through the season and freeze the meat. Then after the season they all get together, thaw it all out, butcher, package it, and then refreeze it. Seems to work for them.

From: butcherboy
It should be fine. Freezing will put the meat into a preserved state that will be the same when it thaws as when it was frozen. Just thaw , process, and refreeze. Where problems occur is in the thawing process if not done properly or left out too long thawed before processing. Meat is best wrapped in tight plastic if freezing and thawing later to process.

From: keepemsharp
Its not a problem, something like aging meat that in my opinion is not done enough.

From: Bou'bound
You’re good

I do it all the time. Especially for ground - no big deal.

Just don't do that with fish.

From: LKH
International falls, MN. -25 opening day. All our deer were frozen with the hide on. I still remember how tough it was to get the hide off. Basically they thawed in parts and it was a few days in the basement before we could get them cut up.

Doesn't hurt any thing. I freeze my trim meat in 25# blocks (AK Amber 12 packs are perfect) and then thaw and grind later. You won't have any problems but consider not quite thawing the meat when you grind.

From: APauls
Always do it. No problems. Some cultures do it specifically to tenderize the meat.

From: jdbbowhunter
Freeze all my meat for burger. Take out after season and grind all at once. Never had a problem, doing it probably 30 years.

From: Buck Watcher
Not the way I would want it. Every time you freeze meat the water molecules expand when freezing. The slower the freezing the more bigger the crystals. It is losing moisture and changing the texture every time. That is way flash freezing is better. That is why, although you didn't freeze that backstrap (or even burger) with water but when you thaw it out you pour water from the container. Freeze it enough times and there will be no moisture. Every hear of Freeze Drying?

I don't like to freeze anything if I can help it. But when I do freeze it is only once. And as quickly as possible. I won't put a box of venny in the freezer. I scatter the packages around the freezer to they freeze faster. I have my brats/sausage/burger all made before I freeze it. Many years ago I put a box of about 30 hamburger packs (1#each) in the chest freezer. I came back 3 days later and the center ones were still not frozen.

Not to say multiple freezings are "a problem". What I am saying is it would be better if you didn't.

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