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From: DDD in Idaho
Sorry if this isn't the right place for this but popups are all of a sudden driving me nuts on the Bowsite.

I go to the main site - all is ok.... then to the forums ..... still ok ....select big game .. yep, that works .... now hit an individual thread ....... TILT!

a popup takes up about 3/4 of the screen and I can't get rid of it! no "X" to hit, it doesn't want to go anywhere. virus? hack??? me doing something wrong???




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From: GF
Turn you phone vertical

I prefer the Frosted Poptarts. Plain doesn’t cut it.

From: JohnMC
Charlie I thought all Poptarts were frosted. I learned something new today on bowsite!

From: Pyrannah
Charlie frosted pop tarts are no good. Too much sugar

Plain all the way!

From: sticksender
Pat says they're not pop-up ads, they're "sticky" ads.

If they were actually pop-ups, they'd be way easier to block with browser extensions, and I suppose then of little use to the paying advertisers.

From: 4nolz@work
Paying for the farm in Ohio ;)

From: ahawkeye
Plain pop tarts here. Warm up in the toaster add a pat of butter and you got a YUMMY start to the day.

From: CurveBow
I too hated them until I saw an ad for something that made me think "I need one of those"!!!! So, it isn't all bad! :)


From: Boone
Plain pop tarts??? You guys cant be serious. Frosted is the only way to go

From: Woods Walker
Geeze....this is why there's an "X" in the alphabet, and why God gave you an index finger. USE IT!

From: GF
“ they'd be way easier to block with browser extensions, and I suppose then of little use to the paying advertisers.”

No, then they’re of no use to the folks (like Pat) trying to earn a buck running them.

Two ways to pay: by the click or per 1,000 displays of the ad.

If these guys are paying Pat by the click, I figure my fat thumb has probably raised a couple hundred dollars for him so far…

From: Tilzbow
I thought this might be about pop-up campers.

From: jstephens61
OMG! Are you guys still complaining about this. Write Pat a big fat sponsor check and make them go away.

Don’t you guys have something to hunt?

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