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Hawkeye 23-Sep-20
Bowfreak 23-Sep-20
From: Hawkeye

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I honestly never thought we had a chance at this, but the Audible version of 'Crimson Arrows' is at #10 on Amazon's Best Seller list for "Outdoors and Nature' and #25 for "Adventurers and Explorers' this past week! I was just told that we have a chance to to reach #1 with a bowhunting book as a best seller on Audible.

I would sincerely appreciate anyone who listens to Audible or has friends that do to pass it along--it would mean a great deal to me and I appreciate everyone that helped Crimson Arrows get to this point! Take care and good luck this fall.


From: Bowfreak
Wow! That is awesome! Congrats Eyad!

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