All 3 in one season with bow?
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From: coelker
How big of an accomplishment would it be to you to harvest deer, elk and antelope in one season with a bow. One of my goals has always been to take a mule deer, lope and elk in the same unit on the same season. Never have had the chance as I never have tags over lap, but this year, for the first time I have antelope, mule deer and elk tags all for archery and I am considering spending a good chunk of the rifle hunt packing my bow....

From: JohnMC
I’ve done it but the deer being a CO whitetail. Good luck. In my opinion the elk is the hardest part of that and you got that done. If it is dry are you willing to sit water you eventually will kill a pronghorn. Any mule deer not to tough, a quality buck a different story.

From: Nick Muche
I'd venture to guess many do that, every single year. Hope you can too!

From: Rock
Drawing all the tags can be an issue unless you are hunting on OTC tags.

Back prior to being required to draw for most of the tags I have none this several times.

From: Pete-pec
I killed 6 ducks, five squirrels, a turkey, and a decent buck, all in one day. All of my friends were not one bit impressed, and strangers even less. Jerks!

From: Pyrannah
I’d still like to kill one elk! I’m 0for2

East coast sucks

From: Kurt
I arrowed a bunch of deer and elk in CO but probably only 10 pronghorns. Not sure but suspect I did it 6 or more times.

From: BigSkyHntr
I did it last year in less than a week! But the deer was a whitetail as well. That probably won’t happen again in the next century :/

From: cnelk
In 2016, I killed an Alaskan moose, a Colorado antelope, a Nebraska WT and a Wyoming elk. 4 big game species, 4 states in 4 months. Using both bow and rifle. I’m an equal opportunity hunter.

From: WYelkhunter
I haven't done it in one hunting unit. But there has 2 years that I killed a deer, an antelope and and elk in the same hunting season with my bow.

From: Lost Arra
Elk, deer and hog with same arrow shaft-broadhead in one season. Not the same longbow.

Pete-Pec: I'm impressed. Congrats.

From: Huntcell
I once had a mosquito , deer fly and a tick on my arm at the same time.

Didn’t kill any of them. Bad year. > * •

From: Treeline
Good luck Rob! It can be done! Especially in Wyoming;-)

From: whipranger
I think some of you guys didn’t read the original post correctly. He said in the same Unit. And I’m sure several guys have done it but probably not many.

From: Ermine
I’ve killed antelope, deer, and elk in one season many times. But not all the same unit however. I call it the Colorado hat trick.

From: whipranger
I’ve done 5 in a year twice in Colorado But both times only 2 were same unit

Pete pac, im also impressed. That’s quite the day!

Don’t really see why doing this in the same unit makes much of a difference though. Just limits your units when the animals are the big deal.

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