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Zebrakiller 28-Sep-20
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From: Zebrakiller

Zebrakiller's embedded Photo
Zebrakiller's embedded Photo
I want to thank everyone for prayer and messages I have received the last 5 months. Today I returned to work. I'm still recovering but way better than a few weeks ago. Now time to book a few hunts, cant thank everyone enough for the good vibes!

From: g5smoke21
Good deal Bill! Glad your doing better! You deserves some good hunts coming your way

From: tkjwonta
Woohoo, great news! Keep after it and hopefully you'll be back in the field in no time.

From: JohnMC
Good to hear!! Glad your getting ahead of what ever you been dealing with. Hope you are 100% soon!

From: Aces11
Hope you’re healed up soon!

From: Ucsdryder
Great to see you posting! You’ve made quite the impression the last few months without evening posting! Great job and glad to see you up and around!

From: t-roy
Good to hear, Bill! Hopefully, your recovery goes smoothly!

From: Brotsky
Well done my friend! Some serious karma is due to you in your next hunt!

From: Beav
Good to hear and good luck!

From: Scoot
Absolutely outstanding! Congrats and keep it up. Good luck with that recovery.

From: GhostBird
Go get 'em Bill... glad you are recovering nicely.

From: Buffalo1
Keep it up Bill, it will return !! Desire, Determination & Dedication= Success

Here’s to things continuing to move in the right direction. Best to you.

From: Paul@thefort
Good to see your dog taking you for a walk. Keep it up and mend well. my best, Paul

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